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“Every time we hold a meeting, our organization reaches or exceeds every high goal we set.”

– Said no one ever in the history of business events

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The What

Mixing Chamber ™ is the transformational experience for organizations that want to uncover, distill, share, and activate their most ground-breaking ideas. It’s a powerful process streamlined into one customized package to drive innovation and revenue.

Together in the Mixing Chamber ™, learners innovate and innovators learn—via colleague-accelerated ideation that:

  • Fosters a culture of more viable innovation
  • Expands the capacity for idea generation and activation
  • Contextually connects and cross-pollinates with the broader world of ideas
  • Combats what the BBC reports is now a human attention span of 9 seconds—the same as goldfish

Your plug-and-play program also helps teams:

  • Identify and innovate around the most valuable, marketable ideas
  • Differentiate your organization’s culture from the competition’s
  • Engage select prospects, clients, and vendors
  • Recruit and retain top talent with more ease
  • Reward and further develop your high potentials
  • And inevitably change the world.
The Why

An organization’s ability to uncover, engagingly describe, and activate viable ideas separates exceptional market leaders from status-quo organizations. The capacity to connect and cross pollinate across disciplines and teams catalyzes everyone’s success.

Add to this the increasing popularity of live and recorded talks that showcase and spread big ideas, and we now have more tools than ever to expand innovation and drive revenue growth.

As Head of TED Chris Anderson explains in his book TED Talks, “However much public speaking skills matter today, they’re going to matter even more in the future … We’re entering an era where we all need to spend a lot more time learning from each other. And that means far more people than ever before can contribute to this collective learning process. Anyone who has a unique piece of work or a unique insight can productively participate. And that includes you.”

Anderson adds that the TED event experience is thrilling because the conference reflects the reality that all knowledge is connected into a giant web. TED works not just because of “the synergy between technology, entertainment, and design” (the words from which the TED acronym originates), but because of the interconnectedness of all knowledge.

In Chris Anderson’s book TED Talks, TED speaker and tech commentator Tom Chatfield’s comments shed light on the power of a program like Mixing Chamber ™:

“… the central advice I would give is to push yourself as hard as possible to be bold and brave, to try to step outside the comfort zone of what you know for sure or what others have said already, and to give the world questions and inspirations that deserve a thousand conversations. It’s not about being right or safe…so much as about having a staggering opportunity to create something that will breed further ideas.”

The How

So how do we build and nurture such interconnectedness? 6 key components:

Curate an integral group of thinkers within your organization to identify and prioritize your business opportunities and challenges

Help them identify and hone their best, most game-changing and revenue-driving ideas

Provide them with top-tier presentation skills training as well as content- and slide-development support

Invite them—along with employees and stakeholders—to a private live event where your coached presenters deliver their ideas in short, provocative talks, punctuated with ideation sessions to cross-pollinate disciplines and generate new insights

Apply custom metrics that determine the quantifiable impact of your Mixing Chamber™

Complete the circle with an optional, expertly facilitated lab session that activates your most important ideas to make them real

“The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.”

John F. Kennedy

The Who
The Mixing Chamber Team

A TEDActive and TEDSummit attendee, Andrea has been on the speaker curation and community partnerships teams at TEDxSeattle (formerly TEDxRainier) for over 5 years. As Chief Boredom Buster at No More Boring Meetings, she’s also an international award-winning business owner who books compelling thought leaders, designs fresh meeting formats, and fosters purposeful play. A regular contributor to The Huffington Post and The Meeting Professional magazine, she’s been serving the meetings industry for 25 years.

“Andrea Driessen is a consummate professional with a keen eye for detail and a clear understanding of our big picture—a true business partner. She goes above and beyond to make the experience enjoyable and worry-free.”
– United Federal Credit Union


As a speaker coach, Anna has been helping corporate executives, IT professionals, and many others stay true to themselves while communicating more effectively. For 5+ years, she’s been coaching speakers for TEDxSeattle. In this role, she guides delivery for a range of speakers—from introverted scientists to extroverted politicians—helping hundreds deliver meaningful talks that connect to myriad audiences. Anna, with an MFA in Theatre Arts, comes to coaching after an extensive professional theatrical career and has taught every age group and every level of education.

“I have received great feedback on my message, content and approach. And I am proud of the effort and thought we collectively put in to make it engaging and special. I could not do it without you, Anna.”
– CVP, Global Company


Coaching busy policymakers and executives, Connie helps them deliver compelling presentations that inspire action, collaboration, and positive change. She also trains technically educated leaders to give high-level presentations with candor and flair, as well as helps startups develop and present winning pitches. All while curing speaker anxiety and revealing presenters’ authentic voices.

“Connie Miller is an outstanding speech coach. She taught me some creative ways to communicate with others from the podium so that I could project my thoughts and ideas in the most powerful way possible. I’d recommend her to any professional interested in fine turning their speaking skills and enhancing leadership presence.”
– Kimberly McNally, President, McNally & Associates


As the project-management and logistical force behind the 2800-attendee TEDxSeattle event each year, the Milligan events team brings its acclaimed meeting management talent to live business events, including meetings for Microsoft, Intel, AdExchanger, AT&T, Penton Media, Parallels, and the Idaho National Guard.

“Your unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail in support of our attendees and their experience continue to impress.”
– Milligan Events Corporate Client

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Mixing Chamber™

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