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A no-cost workshop for select organizations in the Seattle, WA area–

The Cure for Mortality: An interactive, experiential workshop to celebrate loved ones—while they’re still alive

We humans have invented a range of phrases to help us face the  inevitability of death. Tongue in cheek, we say things like: “You can’t take it with you.” “The only certainties are death and taxes.” “No one gets out of here alive.”

And yet there is a powerful and even practical cure for mortality.  A way to reverse-engineer death—our own—and of those we love.

It’s called a Gracenote tm.

You might think of the Gracenote as a Living Eulogy: love notes to loved ones who may (or may not!) be dying, that express one’s sincerest thoughts about them. While they’re still here. In this perspective-shifting and yes, even fun workshop, we’ll explore what a Gracenote is. We’ll practice writing one, discuss ways to overcome reluctance, and see why taking this step has profound impacts on your family, your friends and even on yourself.

As we seek to find and further what is real in an increasingly “fake” world; as we come to better understand the importance and power of feeling gratitude; and as we aim to live and die with more intention…Gracenotes help acknowledge how we are all dying to matter—before we’re gone. And to control, even slightly, what is an otherwise uncontrollable experience.

You don’t know someone who’s actively dying? Rest assured people all around you are dying to be seen, heard, recognized and honored.

Ask us for further info on how to bring this free workshop to your company.

Feedback on the Gracenotes experience:

“The whole idea is a beautiful “aha.”

“How strongly I want to send Grace Notes to my brother, sister and mom.”

“An “aha” moment was realizing I could do this with people outside my immediate family.”

“This approach will also work well for my children.”

“Andrea was delightfully charming.”

“Reinforced yet again how I can say in writing what I can’t say face to face.”

“I loved the concept of sharing appreciation before death.”

“Andrea was well prepared & personable.”

“I so appreciate your enthusiasm and presentation style. I felt the vibrations of the group’s energy during the workshop, due to the way you orchestrated the Grace Notes workshop and gave it life and meaning to each person. Your passion shines through!”  —Volunteer Services Coordinator, Providence Hospice

Gracenotes workshop facilitator Andrea Driessen is a hospice volunteer with Providence of Seattle. She developed the idea of writing Gracenote for her Father years ago, long before he died, and has since seen the profound effects this straightforward exercise has on hospice patients, loved ones, and friends.

She’s also an international award-winning business owner, a member of the speaker curation, audience-experience and sponsor-acquisition teams at TEDxSeattle, and a Professional Convention Management Association Best-in-Class speaker. Andrea has presented workshops in Canada, Mexico, and across the US, and is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and The Meeting Professional magazine.

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