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Andrea Driessen is a TEDActive and TEDSummit attendee, and on the audience-experience and sponsor-acquisition teams at TEDxSeattle. As Chief Boredom Buster at No More Boring Meetings, she’s also an award-winning business owner who books compelling thought leaders, designs fresh meeting formats and fosters purposeful play. A regular contributor to The Huffington Post and The Meeting Professional magazine, she’s been serving the meetings industry for 25 years.

Her two interactive, experiential workshops include:


Radically Engaged: Boosting Meeting Effectiveness with Curation, Content & Choice

Go behind the curtain to explore how best practices in content curation, strategic speaker selection and creative audience engagement techniques make some events compelling and un-missable. You’ll also explore why “less is more,” the importance of giving attendees chances to authentically connect with one another, and speaker coaching techniques to boost audience takeaway.

After This Session You’ll Be Able To:

  • Curate content that leads to exclusive, cutting-edge educational experiences
  • Strategically select speakers who deliver engaging, relevant messages
  • Coach speakers on story-development and presentation techniques that help participants pay attention, remember more, and activate your meeting content
  • How choice factors in, and how suppliers can better meet the needs of planners in this area.

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Feedback from Content Curation + Compelling Speakers:

Great session! All the people I talked to said it was the best [breakout] they’ve been to.”

“Excellent presentation with lots of good take-aways”

“Loved it!”

 “Really great applicable ideas from this session!”

From Bore to ROAR TM—How to Design Radically Engaging Events: A hands-on experiential workshop

As meeting professionals, we stand at the forefront of distractions, because human’s collective state of disengagement is ever present in meetings. No matter how hard we try, some audience members will not be paying attention to what we’ve worked so hard for them to experience—the event itself.

So how do you transform meeting attendees into true participants, who engage in your meeting content and return to work more productive and on fire about your mission? How can you take participants from Bore—to ROAR TM—and achieve a positive Return On Attendee Relevance (ROAR TM)? Join us to explore—and experience—practical, powerful tools for improving your events.

This program combines interactive learning (not lecture!) with case studies, peer-to-peer segments, brainstorming, and application for a highly engaging, fast-paced, and productive session. Whether you’re new to planning meetings, or a seasoned pro, you’ll get use-now ideas.

You’ll learn:

  • Crucial questions that take events from Bore to ROAR TM. Ask them to elevate and add discipline to event planning, design events that meet crucial goals, and stage live experiences of more significant value.
  • Fresh meeting formats that take your agenda beyond the normal “keynote + breakout + breakout + keynote.” Learn to spice up your “regularly scheduled programming” with engaging conversations and take-aways about what matters most to your audiences.
  • How our brains don’t like boring things—and what to do about it.
  • How to deliver programming that’s compelling enough to overcome the “second screen”
  • How to maximize your investments in external speakers, and improve the quality of internal speakers’ presentations

Feedback on “Bore to ROAR TM” includes:

“Your presentation was GREAT. So much good information—did you hear the buzz in the room!!?? It was a pure pleasure working with you.” ~Tiina Freeman, CAE

“I loved, loved, loved your How to Design Radically Engaging Events session at the MPI/PCMA Conference! Indeed, I’ve started practicing ‘Cricking’ and including the 3 questions that generate more ROAR….” Cheryl Ferguson, Meeting professional

“Andrea Driessen’s Bore to Roar workshop had our staff percolating with new ways to ramp up learning and heighten interpersonal engagement at our conferences. Modeling her core concepts, Andrea shifted seamlessly through learning phases every 10 minutes, at one point leading us to experience “moving to learn” and, at another, guiding us through ‘cricking.’ The energetic session went by in what seemed like minutes and we knew, experientially, that we could adapt her techniques to make our conference participants feel that their investments of time and money to attend a live event were amply rewarded.” ~Arlene H. Olkin, Ph.D., Director of Leadership Development, ASBO Int’l