Custom Infotainment

© Brian Walter

Why Brian Walter?

Because no one ever complained about a meeting being too interesting

If you have an important message to tell at your next meeting, Brian Walter, one of about 200 people ever inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame (CPAE), will help you tell it better. Or, if you prefer, he will tell it for you. Brian knows messaging. He’s a communications consultant, speaker, infotainment expert and video producer. For over 25 years, in 3 careers, 9 jobs, and 5 companies, he has specialized in transforming boring into compelling.

See Brian in Action

He’s a unique blend of internal and external communications expertise

Brian has bridged the worlds of Marketing and HR. He has insight into your communication needs because he’s been there. Whether it’s explaining your new brand to all employees, crafting a perfect pitch or elevator speech, or producing high impact videos to engage an internal audience He’s worked as an advertising director, award-winning television and radio commercial producer, professional services firm marketing director, freelance video producer, copywriter, speaker, internal communications director, management trainer, commissioned salesperson, and adjunct college professor.

Low risk, high reward

When the communication “stakes” are high, companies bring in Brian. He’s repeatedly delivered for this-had-better-be-great clients such as PepsiCo, Microsoft, Starbucks, Pitney Bowes, Verizon and Payless. He’s been called upon to explain new brands, to make CEOs look cool, to reposition bad news, and bring the house to its feet with good news. He’s led teambuilding exercises with hundreds of participants and turned what would have been yawn-inducing subjects into meeting rock stars.

Brian Factoids

  • Guinness Book of World Records holder for producing the world’s shortest TV commercial
  • Earned the coveted Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association
  • International Association of Business Communicator’s “Gold Quill” Award of Excellence
  • Member of the National Speakers Association, Meetings Professional International, the Society for Advancement of Consulting and the Bald Headed Men of America


Custom Game Shows, Skits and Songs: Tap into the power of non-trivial trivia

Games deliver engagement

What your meeting audiences want is surprise, real interaction, physicality, fun and genuinely useful information. The most powerful way to deliver this type of engagement is with organized audience competition …a game show.

Everybody wins

In companies, knowledge isn’t power until it’s shared. Brian Walter’s custom game shows feature non-trivial trivia about your business. He crafts questions and answers that entertainingly serve as internal myth-busters. (What do employees believe to be true that frustrates management because it just isn’t?)

Hokey? Not Brian’s games

Playing games in meetings is never hokey IF the content is relevant. Quizzing employees on company-specific trivia they should know, but may not, creates instant engagement.

Clients call on Brian to craft entirely original game formats, or to parody game shows everyone knows. Either way, the shows are filled with flashy visuals, exciting effects and snappy banter, all directed at identifying and reinforcing vital messaging.

Clients and games include:

  • Payless Minute to Win It
  • Who Wants to be a Verizonaire?
  • Bank of Hawaii 1 vs. 100
  • Sodexho Jeopardy
  • Sherwin Williams Fact or Crap
  • What’s Your Windows Embedded IQ?
  • Microsoft Two Truths & a Lie

To create real engagement at your next event with custom game shows, skits and songs, contact us at 206-783-6338 or


Don’t Break Your Breakout: Craft and deliver breakouts your audiences want to hear

The problem with non-professional presenters

Subject matter experts (SMEs) usually over-use their strengths. They know the details of their topics so well they forget what it’s like NOT to know them. Their presentation turns into a droning deep dive instead of a revelation of insights. Crack…the breakout is broken.

Generic presentation training doesn’t work

SMEs are often sent to standard presentation training months before they give a breakout. They’re taught to not look at their notes, keep their hands out of their pockets, and avoid saying “um.” None of this actually helps them or their ultimate audience.

Just-in-time, only what they need to know

Brian Walter’s Don’t Break Your Breakout provides SMEs with five actionable tactics that will make an immediate difference in their next, imminent breakout session.

Don’t Break Your Breakout provides…

  1. Ask & Answer strategy for generating audience-oriented breakout content
  2. Messaging from Information to Insight to Impact
  3. PSSST presenting (Point, Story, Show, Stat, Testimonial)
  4. Turning recipient into participants
  5. Sound Bite Summary

Supporting SMEs just in advance of when they are actually creating their presentation content is the magic timing for maximum impact.

To stop your SMEs from breaking their breakouts, contact us at 206-783-6338 or


Brand-U-Cation: Brand Value employees will actually value

What happens after the branding agency’s work is done?

Most companies hire an agency to reinvent their brand. After countless focus groups and executive committee brainstorming sessions, the deliverables are: a new logo, a brand promise, a mission statement, several pithy brand values (usually “pillars”), and a set of bland yet supposedly distinctive brand attributes. Next, the agency recommends a brand rally to introduce everything to employees…and then leaves.

The employees? Most often, they don’t get it. Without real world translation, other than the logo (which they aren’t sure they like), everything else about the brand is perceived as management gibberish.


Translate brand concepts into real world employee behavior?

Brian Walter writes, produces and performs your brand rally for you.

Using the unique process he calls Brand-u-Cation, Brian taps into his extensive Advertising and HR background to demonstrate to employees the tangible power of your reinvented brand.

Using cultural references, industry-analysis, and interactive exercises, Brian breaks down what each new brand component means. He provides the WHY behind the WHAT.

Employees discover that their organization’s new brand is …

  • A recognizable look and feel
  • A promise of a specific idea that is consistently experienced and delivered
  • An emotional connection between the customer (or client) and the company

A proven roller-outer ?

Brian Walter has helped companies of all sizes roll out their reinvented brands and values to employees. They include Starbucks, Pitney Bowes, World Vision, Bank of Hawaii, Darigold, a huge national bank that died in a fiery ball, Qualstar, Group Health Credit Union and Novelis.

Information is not enough

Brian Walter’s consulting services deliver the two most vital outcomes desired by executive and professional communicators: memorable clarity and impactful Big Moments.

Manage Your Message

Information alone is not enough. To project leadership, executive presentations must move from mere information to ah-hah level insight. Only then do they have the power to motivate audience members to remember and act on what they’ve heard. Brian does more than just show you how to do this. Through intensive interviews and his exclusive Believe/Know/Do development process, he helps you make it happen.

Big Moment Makeover

Everyone who gives professional presentations strives for those big moments that seize the audience’s attention and make important points unforgettable.

Brian makes those moments happen for you. He creates original anecdotes, catch phrases and analogies. Want more wow? He produces custom game shows, interactive exercises and multi-media effects. Brian’s Big Moment Makeover is like having your own one-on-one creative production company.