3 games to make meetings more efficient and effective

We all know meetings can be extremely boring. After all, if you’re strictly relying on internal speakers to carry the weight of your meeting, some will be more effective than others at disseminating information effectively to meeting participants.

Games, however, can improve meetings drastically, do much of the work and catch everyone’s attention. Games are fun, exciting, and give an element of surprise to meetings that make employees engaged and creative. Entertainment site Pocket Fruity mentions that smartphone apps like Draw Something and Words with Friends became huge hits particularly because they’re games that make everyday activities such as scribbling and writing words extremely fun. If you’re going to be a speaker in next meeting, here are a few ideas to make your audience more responsive.

Trading Cards

This game is very effective in introducing new employees to each other. If you’re an HR officer and part of your job is to make people comfortable with each other, introduce the Trading Cards game. It’s very simple. Just give each employee a piece of paper and make them create their own “player card” that includes their alias, hobbies, and unique traits of themselves. Once that’s done, ask them to pass the paper around the room until an employee finds something to ask about on a paper. This is a good ice breaker especially if the unique traits listed on each employee’s index cards are interesting.

Decorate the box

Boxes can represent many things: a product packaging, an idea, and even the company as a whole. Decorate the box’s concept is making employees design a physical box based on a theme. This is very effective if you’re gathering thoughts for a new product, service, or anything that involves marketing. Employees can draw on the box, attach stickers on it, or even write important messages. At the end of the activity, you will be able to find ideas that can be helpful to your agenda.

Thinking differently

Instead of asking for solutions in a problem, make your employees think opposite to the problem at hand. For example, if you want your employees to think of ways on how to increase product sales, make them think of how to reduce sales. This is one way of making your employees think from a different angle and come up with solutions that they won’t possibly think about just by focusing too much on the problem presented to them.

Never underestimate the power of games to make simple meetings more effective. In fact, a company’s success is highly dependent on how meetings go, so be sure to always make your meetings fun and engaging.

Our Guest Blogger, Luke Warmsley, is a keen gamer who also works in the retail industry. After graduating from University in 2006, he went on a gap year, traveling across Southeast Asia and North America for two years. He now lives in Ontario.