3 Proven Event Theme-Keynote Combos To Boost Buzz & Message Alignment

The right meeting theme combined with the right keynote address will:

• Build a solid foundation on which to shape all aspects of your meeting, including venue, décor, breakouts, and gifts
• Help participants become more engaged and retain more information
• Create more effective, memorable and outcome-driven meeting experiences

Check out these three proven meeting theme-keynote combinations that build relevant, strategic meeting content.

1. “All Systems Go.”
Related themes: “Blast Off,” “Reach,” and “Stratospheric,”

“Failure is Not an Option.”

Whether your organization is about to launch a new set of initiatives…you’re starting a new sales program…or you’re on the cusp of the next fiscal year….a superb meeting theme is “All Systems Go,” or similar.

To reinforce this theme with fresh, exciting programming, choose a speaker who’s truly been to that “last frontier”…an astronaut…someone who knows how to reach that critical “all systems go” level of achievement.

Astronaut-speakers whose content and credentials directly align with the theme:

  • Mike Mullane, among the first group of US Space Shuttle astronauts, and now, a high content and humorous speaker/author with a program entitled “Countdown to Teamwork.”
  • Sally Ride, the first American woman in space
  • Jim Lovell, Captain of Apollo 13, who with his crew faced nearly certain death when their oxygen system failed on the way to the moon, and whose phrase “Houston, we have a problem” was received by….
  • Gene Kranz, flight director during the ultimately successful Apollo 13 flight. Kranz’ now well-known motto, “Failure is not an Option,” and the efforts by his “White Team,” brought the Apollo 13 crew home alive.

Event Gift ideas:

  • Model rocket
  • Signed photo of an astronaut
  • Book about space flight

Corresponding Venues:

  • Museum of Flight (Seattle)
  • Future of Flight (Everett, WA, north of Seattle)
  • Event facilities near airports
  • Factories with funky, fun spaces

2. ____ Kick Off
(which can apply to a Sales kickoff, an Annual Kickoff, a Branding Kickoff etc.)

For a high-energy, venue-oriented, and content-based meeting, use the “Kick Off” theme. It’s perfect for that beginning-of-the-year time frame, or anytime you are launching something new.

Sports analogies abound, and when you choose the best-suited sporting figure-speaker, it’s a guaranteed touch down…

Some speakers with their origins in sports speak more effectively than others. Amplify connects you to the cream of the crop, including those in the list below.

Athletes-speakers whose content and credentials directly align with the Kick-off theme:

  • Tom Flick, former NFL quarterback and Rose Bowl champion, who now speaks expertly on leadership, teambuilding, customer service and vision
  • Vince Lombardi, Jr., son of the famed NFL quarterback, and superb speaker in his own right on high performance people, leadership and teamwork
  • Rocky Bleier, the four-time Super Bowl Champion, speaks on the parallels between challenges he faced and the challenges all business people face in today’s crowded, competitive marketplace, in his speech, “Be the Best You Can Be.”

Event Gift ideas:

  • [Signed] football, baseball, basketball
  • Game tickets/box seats
  • Nordstrom Shoe Dept. Gift Certificate

Corresponding Venues:

  • Stadiums of all types

3. Reaching New Heights

The parallels between climbing mountains and reaching the highest heights in our professional and personal lives are vivid and vast. That’s why this theme is so effective at showcasing meeting content and giving you a strong “hook” on which to “hang” each element of your event agenda.

Speakers whose content and credentials directly align with the theme:

  • Susan Ershler, world record-setting mountaineer and award-winning sales executive.
  • Jim Whittaker, the first American to summit Mt. Everest, and top-notch speaker on motivation, achievement and overcoming adversity
  • Ed Viesturs, the first North American to climb all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks without oxygen. He’s been called “the ultimate climbing machine” and has also climbed Mount Everest five times. Whew!
  • Helen Thayer, first woman to walk solo to the N. Pole (at age 50!), best-selling author, National Geographic Explorer, and a globe-trotting athlete well into her 70s

Event Gift ideas:

  • Compass
  • Binoculars
  • Atlas
  • GPS

Corresponding Venues:

  • Ski slopes
  • Retreat center in the mountains
  • Top floor of a sky scraper

Got a great event theme-keynote speaker combo? Share it with us and we’ll send you a gift!