7 Ways to Drastically Reduce your Event Risks

By Andrea Driessen, Chief Boredom Buster

As a meeting professional, you know that events bring inherent risks: security lapses, food-borne illness, lackluster presenters…to name a few. Some we can control. Some we can lessen. A few we can even eliminate. Others may look like as hazards—but with the right level of support, you can reduce or even eliminate them.

At No More Boring Meetings, we’re ferociously dedicated to lessening 7 key risks in the talent and content realms:

1-Speaker cancellation.

In nearly 20 years, we’ve had one speaker cancel. If that happens on your watch, No More Boring Meetings will act immediately to tap a deep network of supremely qualified speakers who can fill in.  Bam: problem solved.

2-Speaker delay.

Why worry that your presenter will arrive late? Our speakers are required to choose flights to your event with at least one back up in case of airline delay or cancellation. Voila: you’re covered.

3-Trying to find a needle in a haystack of 80,000,000.

Google “customer service speaker,” and you’ll get 80 million results. So you could either take the risk—and the time!—to sort through these yourself. Or have a short conversation with us, and break free from such crushing guesswork.

In vetting speakers for your event—as a “free agent” not wedded to an exclusive roster—we review scores of options from all the top talent agencies, as well as the coolest TED speakers. We then arrive at your 100% customized list of proven presenters, any one of whom will deliver in spades.

As a 15-year member in the International Assn. of Speakers Bureaus, and winner of its Pacesetters Award for creatively moving the industry forward, we will save you untold time, money, aspirin and guesswork in your search for the right speakers. Every. Single. Time.

4-Irrelevant content.

There is NO room in today’s meetings for irrelevancy.

It’s time for less bore—and more ROAR tm: Return on Attendee Relevance.

We use a one-of-kind, proven process for getting at the heart of what you want your audience to learn. The time we spend together on the front end—to understand your content goals, your audience needs and your event scope—ensure participants get the shifts and takeaways they need.

We even summarize your content goals and report them back to you, so that we all have a strong foundation for meeting your objectives. From here, we then generate your hyper-customized list of presenter options. Choose any one and be completely confident the speaker will resonate with your audience.

Also included: a service we know of at no other agency: our Message Continuity Conference Call. We’ll amplify your meeting’s impact by aligning all your external and internal speakers’ content via this one powerful conversation.

5-The “We’ve-always-done-it-this-way” syndrome.

Change is hard. And brings about perceived risks. But when you know your events need fresh thinking, why leave change up to chance? Our entire brand rests on proven ways of engaging audiences and avoiding tired content. We live and breathe the unboring. And you can too—all while feeling confident your participants and stakeholders will love the adjustments.

Tap us so your audiences are more focused, more able to learn, more likely to collaborate, and more able to solve pressing challenges.

We can even help your internal presenters become more effective with the Don’t Break Your Breakout program.

6-Content that’s in one ear—and…what? I forgot….

At meetings and in life, we have immeasurable amounts of information coming at us. Usually, after meetings, people can recall little because most speaker agencies don’t know how to set the stage for learners to actually learn. But at No More Boring Meetings, we do.

Beyond our deep bench of keynote and breakout presenters, we’ll connect you to exactly the right conference weavers, graphic recording experts, game designers and infotainers. These talented folks know how to engage audiences and reinforce takeaways. When participants return to work, they’ll be primed to activate the most important ideas to be more effective in the world.

7-Not enough stakeholder value.

You invest substantial resources and employee time in keynote and breakout sessions. But how can you be sure anything really changes or improves because of these investments?

Like you, we’re dedicated to generating the actionable results you need. Our outcome-driven process, from beginning to end, maximizes your return-on-speaker. And our post-event accelerator, when we discuss results and reinforce how to increase attendees’ actionable takeaways, maximizes your event dollar and attendee mindshare.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what clients say and read case studies for in-the-trenches perspectives. Also check out the Top Ten Reasons to Team with Us.

And then contact us for a risk-free, get-to-know conversation.

Photo of the “Plug-Hole” by ~~Tone~~ on Flickr, Creative Commons License.