A Powerful Story of a Quadruple Win

Don’t we all love success stories?! See how a nonprofit succeeded in spades–four times over–as they:

  1. Drastically increased live and virtual event attendees
  2. Boosted overall event revenue
  3. Secured more sponsorship dollars AND
  4. Showcased a cutting-edge event technology

When a nonprofit tackles such a difficult issue as childhood trauma, you had better believe that there are truly passionate people behind that effort. For Victoria Peattie Helm, Executive Director at NW Children’s Foundation (NWCF) and Kelly Lynch Reimer, NWCF Program Manager, uniting people to end child abuse and neglect is part of their day job. And they will do everything that they can to fulfill this mission. Their signature event, The NWCF Forum, plays a big role in helping to raise both awareness and engage the community in their mission.


When the 2018 Forum sold out with over a month to go before the event, they realized they had a demand from people who wanted to engage, but they had no more room at the venue. Victoria and Kelly had a goal to bring together as many people as possible for a community conversation on early childhood trauma and resiliency, and they were determined not to let venue constraints limit participation. That’s when they reached out to Seattle-area powerhouse Evia, which creates community through content, for help.

With less than a month until the event, Evia worked with them to put together a live streaming  and digital venue package that would help NWCF harness the excitement of the event and live stream it to all interested participants. They began promoting the live stream on the Forum’s Facebook event page and immediately began receiving requests from across the state to participate virtually, including those who couldn’t make it due to winter weather conditions.


Evia’s solution provided an Evia Cloud event page, a customizable digital venue where the live stream would be hosted. Leading up to the event, a countdown clock ticked down the time until the live stream began. A “donate now” button on the event page allowed digital attendees to easily donate with just a click of the mouse.  After the event, a recording was made available to attendees for 48 hours after, so virtual attendees had the option of watching at their own convenience.

This being the first time that live streaming was added to one of their events, NWCF was a little nervous to start. Evia walked them through everything and took care of the entire digital event piece, ensuring everything went smoothly on the day of the event, and put them at ease. Kelly Lynch Reimer said, “Evia was there every step of the way and provided exceptional customer service and team support.”


As a result of adding the live stream, NWCF was able to collect additional registration revenue from 290 people who purchased digital tickets. That additional revenue covered 160% of the cost of the live streaming. In addition, they were able to secure two sponsorships for the live stream. According to Kelly, “the web stream option helped us expand our reach beyond our expectations. Participants in rural parts of the nation were impressed with the clarity of the video and sound.”

Overall, the Forum experienced a 30% increase in live attendees over last year. By adding the live stream and digital venue, they also added another 230 attendees who attended virtually, bringing the total to over 850 participants from over 350 organizations. They extended the geographic reach of the Forum to a national and global audience (21 states and 3 countries). People who otherwise would have been left out had an easy and affordable way to participate and engage with the organization’s mission.

The engaging and ongoing benefits of digital events are best summed up by Executive Director Victoria Peattie Helm. “Streaming was a game changer for our Forum this year. In addition to the sold-out crowd at the Washington State Convention Center, we were able to offer the event’s cutting-edge science and education on child trauma to more than 200 others in our region and well beyond.  Our ability to support parents, teachers, practitioners and others increased exponentially.”

Learn more by contacting No More Boring Meetings’ vendor partner, Evia.