A “Yelp” for Prospective Employees?!

Focusing on what really matters in hiring

We’ve invited OD expert Mark Turner of The Boeing Company to blog this month, as he offers a fresh and important POV on employee engagement–even BEFORE people become employees.  See his bio below.

Mark Turner headshot for blog

When are we going to evolve to a point where job applicants have as much or more data as job posting organizations? Let me explain.

When applicants see job postings, they have–in reality–sparse information for making informed decisions about applying.

Of course, hiring organizations list position descriptions, competencies, along with basic qualifications for consideration along with typical education and experience.

But what really matters is not the qualifications or competencies, but the organizational construct and culture, the manager, the teammates and how they work together to deliver results.

So why not have job postings that list predominant organizational norms, the first-level managers, their leadership philosophies, as well as team skill-sets and norms?

And why not have a system, like Yelp, wherein employees can post reviews of the organization, the working relationships, along with the style/culture and efficacy of the team, to help applicants discern if they are good fits?

Imagine the change hiring managers would see in the applicant pool. Applicants would be better informed on key issues of fit such as work environment, organizational and managerial support.

There is a whole host of studies that have shown that people leave teams, managers and organizations—not companies.

Let’s accept that and work to make the best fits possible.

Let’s honor both the applicant and the hiring organization by providing more rigorous and relevant information. Let’s provide a true systems view for both applicant and organization.

I would offer most of us have left jobs not because of the work, but the environment. We did not experience an optimal fit. When applicants are provided full systems views of hiring organizations to make informed applying decisions, everybody wins.

What do YOU think about creating such a system?


Mark Turner, who holds a Masters of Science in Organizational Development from Pepperdine, is a Learning Strategist and Performance Consultant at the Boeing Company. As an employee development expert, he brings decades of experience in program creation, training, organizational development, systems thinking, implementation and facilitation experience to his workshops.

Mark is also a social media expert, leading communities of practice in performance consulting, employee development and enterprise learning strategy. Further, he’s a Senior Birkman- and Harrison-certified consultant and coach, a Masie Center Learning Lab & Think Tank representative, and has been on the National Career Pathway Advisory Board for over 10 years.