About You

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  • Are short on time and feel your ‘bandwidth’ shrinking with each added responsibility
  • Have invested untold time, effort and money in previous meetings….and are unsure anything really changed or improved
  • Want inside-track access to the hottest meeting talent, trends and formats
  • Seek ways to lessen the guesswork and risk inherent in vetting speakers yourself.
  • Crave a speaker bureau partner who “gets it.” Someone who brings a strategic mindset so you reach your most important event goals
  • Return from some meetings wondering why you didn’t just have a teleconference or send everyone an email, given what little new, compelling information was actually communicated in person
  • Are unsure how to best integrate internal and external speakers’ messages for greater impact
  • Know attendees could be much more engaged–as you watch participants’ phone & device screens take precedent over presentation screens.
  • Find your internal subject matter experts lacking critical presentation skills
  • Get frustrated over the “we’ve-always-done-the-meeting-this-way” mantra

What else would you like us to know about you? We’re all ears.  Call or click today….and join the revolution to End Boring Meetings.