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03 Aug

Gracenotes: Finding meaning & belonging in this time of ‘in-between’

….And now, for something completely different. Join speaker/author Steve Farber & Andrea Driessen on Aug. 12 for a powerful, no-cost virtual experience aligned with ‘business-as-new-normal.’ Watch a short video to discover more: Have you ever wondered why people can’t relish and appreciate one another while they’re still living? Including people at work? Even more so now, during this pandemic…when the world feels so uncertain and people are scared. COVID will pass. People will return to work. A new normal will unfold. Will your organization (and people) be ready? They can be. Join bestselling author (“Love is Just Damn Good Business”) Steve Farber and Andrea Driessen on Wed. Aug. 12 from 10am-11.30am PST for a virtual, interactive Gracenotes experience. Together we’ll experience how Gracenotes — my term for eulogies for the living — forge a workplace and a world of greater appreciation, connection, belonging & collaboration. Our co-created, no-cost session will transform how you navigate this powerful time of “in-between.” Space is limited. Register here via Zoom at no cost

16 Mar

A big-picture vision for an events industry in crisis

The events industry is at the center of the virus crisis. Right in the cross hairs of travel disruption, social distancing, & large-event bans. But rather than sit back and lament our situation, we be a highly visible example of cooperation, communication & cohesion, with the following steps: 1. Over-communicate. Keep people informed more than you would normally. Not sure if you’ll cancel? Share that. Decide internally on a deadline by which you’ll go ahead with or cancel a gathering? Get that message out pronto. 2. Stay close while apart. Amidst heavy news, try something light: How about a “Sip&Skype” session for those working remotely? Crowdsource recipes for vitamin-rich beverages and/or tonic-rich cocktails. Then gather on a virtual platform & raise your glasses to the time—& it WILL come—when this is all over. 3. Aim for empathy and transparency. We could all use some extra care. Leave soup at your neighbor’s door. Call a long-lost cousin. Reach out to a colleague & just listen to what’s going on. 4. KNOW we’ll get through it & be a stronger, more trust-rich & cohesive community as a result. 5. Imagine how EAGER we’ll all be to meet when this is all over….