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30 Jul

Transforming the Corporate Offsite to Inspiring & Participant-Owned

A Client Case Study © 2019 Eric Wong, Exember Partner Synopsis: A Fortune 500 company had a history of unproductive, top-down leadership meetings that didn’t move the dial on critical initiatives or address the elephant-in-the-room topics. The company had been wildly successful at their core business where they are market leaders but were struggling to innovate in newer areas where they faced significant competition from more established players. As well, they were aware of the need to augment their culture from one focused purely on technology and top-down leadership, to one that also emphasized diversity of thought and interactive leadership, with openness to more candid discussions across leadership levels. With support from meeting design consultancy Exember, a No More Boring Meetings consulting partner, the group experienced a 1.5-day offsite for 250 leaders in their “top 5%,” which was structured around the Adaptive Leadership model (HBS) to foster the right conversations about current challenges and how to reach new levels of performance. When Exember first met with the client, it was clear that there was a lot on her mind after their last leadership summit failed to meet expectations: “I just don’t think the last meeting cut it — people were…

03 Sep

8 ways to stage an unforgettable event experience

Spread a Virus your Meeting Attendees WANT to Catch by Andrea Driessen, Chief Boredom Buster, Copyright 2014 Countless leaders around the world leave their posts every day. That’s not news. Millions of meetings happen around the world, every day. No news there either—as most are uneventful at best. But over the summer, Net-a-Porter CEO Mark Sebba came to work on his last day. His team—from offices around the world—staged a send-off he’ll never forget. You won’t either, once you watch footage of his farewell: This video went viral, for a reason. Actually, for at least 8 reasons. And in doing so, it can inspire us to design our own viral meeting hits. Try implanting even just one or two of these elements, and watch your meeting gain buzz—in powerful, positive ways. Genuine: I could literally feel the energy of this crowd’s true love of their boss (their BOSS!) through the screen. Can you? How do your leaders show up? How do YOU show up when you lead, and how can you be seen as more real? At No More Boring Meetings, we have a tool box of ways to boost leaders’ authenticity. Ask for details. Memorably musical: Woven through…

23 Apr

7 fresh meeting formats to powerfully engage participants

To generate ground-breaking ideas for meetings, I first ask: “How will we engage meeting participants in ways that could never be experienced outside of this event?” This one question elevates and disciplines event design. It also generates engagement tools that are exceptionally suited for building more meaningful connections among participants and delivering content that makes long-term impacts. Whether your time slot is five minutes or five days, what makes meeting formats fresh and effective? Focused: apply it to a specific subject to boost takeaways Flexible: caters to a range of skill levels, ages, audiences, topics Functional: Can stand alone or be integrated into the larger event. (The 20-minute TED format is crazy-popular because it can be inserted anywhere in an agenda. Or you can string together 20-minute segments to form the entire meeting.) Fun: people want to engage and participate, and the learning environment is relaxed to stimulate creativity With these “Four F’s” in mind, let’s consider meeting formats that engage attendees in innovative ways. What’s cutting edge today, in the same way that TED, Pecha Kucha and Open Space were once novel? Seven great options: Post-Program Pair-Up is a simple, powerful exercise I’ve designed to increase networking and the…

05 Dec

The best gift you can give meeting attendees

By Andrea Driessen, Chief Boredom Buster, No More Boring Meetings Newsflash: You don’t need to give meeting participants iPads, Kindles or cash to reward and recognize them in style. In light of this annual season of gifting, we offer you 5 affordable, effective ways to recognize and motivate your people during events—and beyond. First, consider that the #1 motivator for almost every employee or meeting attendee isn’t, in fact, money (whew!). According to Mel Kleiman, internationally recognized expert on recruiting, selecting and retaining the best hourly employees, it’s actually recognition. Yet over 60% of American workers say they have received no recognition for their work in the last year. (huh?!) Take advantage of recognition as a most powerful motivator in and beyond your meetings–with any or all of the following recognition tools: 1.   ROCK your event: Random Acts of Conference Kindness: low-cost gifts given in memorable ways: A juicy example of integrating anticipation into an event, referenced in PCMA’s Convene Magazine: SHRM staged a powerful surprise at a 20,000-attendee convention. Their Random Acts of Conference Kindness (ROCK!) segments fostered interaction and happy surprise—without without a hefty price tag. Lisa Block, SHRM’s director of meetings explained: Out of nowhere, staff appeared…