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Unless you’ve just returned from a 5-year sabbatical in a remote section of the Amazon jungle, you’re likely familiar with TED talks. And you may have a few favorites.

Indeed, TED—with all its innovation and captivation—has taken the world by storm. I attended my first TED event—TEDxRainier in Seattle—6 years ago. Since then, I’ve been to nearly a dozen different TED-branded events, helped organize 5, and will gleefully attend TEDSummit next month in Banff.

When with fellow TEDsters, I am at my most alive. Surrounded by fresh ideas, other people committed to giving those ideas the light of day, and the means to turn these ideas into new realities that make the world better. I can think of few more meaningful and engaging ways to spend time.

That’s in great part why I developed and deliver a live workshop to help meeting professionals get behind the scenes of TED events to integrate TED-style elements to make their gatherings more captivating and unmissable.

It’s called 5 Actionable Conference Design Insights from TED Events, and it’s an interactive, experiential workshop.

Through the end of next year, I’m available in most regions of the US, Canada and Mexico to present this content at a discount to local Professional Convention Management Assoc. chapters as part of its Best in Class speaker series. Just contact a board member to recommend my session. Or contact me to discuss my presenting for your organization independent of PCMA.

A short summary of the content that we explore and experience:

  • What makes an event “TED-like”—and what doesn’t
  • Simple, affordable ways you can build TED-style engagement and exclusivity into any meeting
  • Why “curating” some meeting content leads to more exclusive, cutting-edge educational experiences
  • How to select a memorable line-up of speakers who deliver engaging, relevant messages
  • TED-style presentation techniques that help audiences pay more attention
  • How choice factors in, and how suppliers can better meet the needs of planners in this area.

This workshop is not authorized, sponsored or endorsed by TED Conferences LLC or any of its affiliates.

Participants’ comments include:

“Enjoyed every second!”
“Excellent presentation with lots of good take-aways”
“Loved it!”
“Really great applicable ideas from this session!”

Hope to see and speak to you in your ‘hood!