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Three interactive workshops that help you stage more engaging, compelling, purposeful, productive & actionable meetings

With Chief Boredom Buster Andrea Driessen


1-From Bore to ROAR: The Kick-Ass Experiential Masterclass for Event Professionals

Whether you’re a seasoned, a novice, or a one-time (“non-titled”) event planner, you know your gathering has to kick ass.  After all, audiences have never been more discriminating—or distracted.

In this customizable session, you’ll learn a broad range of non-obvious, unborifying insights to produce more captivating and unmissable events—for less money and in less time.

Your masterclass experience combines interactive learning (not lecture!) with case studies, peer-to-peer segments, brainstorming, and get-real applications for a highly engaging, fast-paced, and productive session.

Your learning journey can be designed to include any and all of the following topics:

  • How to transform meeting attendees into true participants, who engage in your meeting content and return to work more productive and on fire.
  • The 4 questions that take events from Bore to ROAR to achieve a positive Return On Attendee R These elevate and add discipline to event planning, ensure you design events that meet crucial goals, and stage experiences of more significant value.
  • Designing a kick-ass speaker lineup with a custom content road map.
  • Maximizing your moola by securing more sponsors.
  • How to think like TED conference organizer.
  • Tools for taking thoughtful risks.
  • Fresh meeting formats that elevate your agenda beyond the normal “keynote + breakout + breakout + keynote.”
  • What foods and scents increase energy and brain power.
  • How to ensure panels and Q&As are unquestionably better.
  • Why our brains don’t like boring things—and what to do about it.

Bring your most pressing challenges so we can solve ‘em together!

Ideal length: 75-120 minutes


2-Radically engaged: Boosting meeting effectiveness with curation, content & choice

Let’s go behind the curtain to explore how best practices in content curation, strategic speaker selection and creative audience engagement techniques make events like TED compelling and un-missable.

Together, we’ll also explore and experience:

  • Why “curating” speakers and meeting experiences leads to more exclusive, cutting-edge educational experiences
  • Specific tools to turn attendees into participants
  • How to help delegates connect more deeply to your programming and to each other
    to add more value to your events
  • How to select a memorable line-up of speakers who deliver engaging, relevant messages
  • How to coach speakers on presentation skills so participants retain and activate content
  • How choice factors in, and how to smartly and affordably integrate more into your events.

Ideal length: 75-90 minutes

This workshop earned a 3.95 out of 4 rating at the 2016 International PCMA Convening Leaders event in Vancouver, BC. A few months later, PCMA invited Andrea to present it as a webinar, and attendance was among their highest ever.

Program is not authorized, sponsored or endorsed by TED Conferences LLC  or any of its affiliates.

3-No More Mediocre:
How to lead engaging, purposeful & productive team meetings

Ask business leaders what we do for a living, and many could say — without irony — “I attend meetings.” And yet, in the same breath, most would add that meetings are often unproductive, frustrating and energy-sapping. We’d never tolerate such lackluster performance in manufacturing, sales or service. But we suffer through mediocre meetings, assuming there’s no alternative. Mercifully, there is.

So, how do you transform meeting attendees into true participants, who engage in meeting content and return to work more productive and able to reach your most important objectives? How can you take participants from bore—to ROARTM—and achieve a positive Return On Attendee Relevance (ROAR)? Join us to explore—and experience—practical, powerful tools for improving meetings, both routine, small-team gatherings and larger events.

Combining interactive learning (not lecture!) with case studies, peer-to-peer segments, brainstorming, and application, we’ll create a highly engaging, fast-paced, and productive session.

You’ll take away actionable tools including: 

  • Strategies for designing and facilitating meetings so you get the right people solving
    the right problems—in less time
  • How preparation, problem solving and “meeting cops” will ensure more productive meetings
  • Crucial questions that take meetings from bore to ROAR
  • Fresh meeting formats that produce more engaging agendas and more effective outcomes
  • What to do about how our brains don’t like boring things—so people learn
    more of what matters to them
  • How generational differences factor into how we host meetings.

Ideal length: 75-90 minutes


ANDREA DRIESSEN is Chief Boredom Buster at No More Boring Meetings in Seattle, Washington. She’s been busting boredom and building engagement in events for more than 25 years. An international award-winning business owner and author of the two-time international award-winning Non-Obvious Guide to Event Planning: For Kick-Ass Gatherings that Inspire People (2019), Andrea teams up with organizations including Starbucks, Microsoft, The Boeing Company, Habitat for Humanity, Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, and hundreds more. She was a Professional Convention Management Assn. “Best in Class” speaker in 2016-2017.


Feedback from an international audience of event planners on Radically engaged: Boosting meeting effectiveness with curation,
content and choice

“Great session! All the people I talked to said it was the best [breakout]  they’ve been to.”

“Excellent presentation with lots of good take-aways”

“Loved it!”

“I found your information very impactful and pertinent to the types of events I plan.
I certainly recommend you!” 
Carolyn Patterson, Event Manager, American Psychological Association

 “Really great, applicable ideas from this session!”

And from a similar session:

“Andrea Driessen’s Top Tips for Pitching and Giving a TEDx Talk was informative, insightful and impactful. She inspired our audience to identify BIG ideas worth spreading; and to do this by sharing unique stories told from the lens of a speaker’s heart.”  National Speakers Association Northwest Chapter

“You did a FANTASTIC job delivering the Top Tips for Pitching and Giving a TEDx Talk workshop! The buzz was that it was a GREAT NSA/NW meeting….You really gave a wonderful look behind the scenes at TEDx, as well as gave attendees real, actionable steps that they can take to pursue their own TEDx goals.” Bill Stainton, Member, National Speakers Association Northwest Chapter

Feedback on Bore to ROAR includes:

“Your presentation was GREAT. So much good information—did you hear the buzz in the room!!?? It was a pure pleasure working with you.” ~Tiina Freeman, CAE

“I loved, loved, loved your How to Design Radically Engaging Events session at the MPI/PCMA Conference! Indeed, I’ve started practicing ‘Cricking’ and including the
3 questions that generate more ROAR….”
Cheryl Ferguson, Meeting professional

“Andrea Driessen’s Bore to Roar workshop had our staff percolating with new ways to ramp up learning and heighten interpersonal engagement at our conferences. Modeling her core concepts, Andrea shifted seamlessly through learning phases every 10 minutes, at one point leading us to experience “moving to learn” and, at another, guiding us through ‘cricking.’

The energetic session went by in what seemed like minutes and we knew, experientially, that we could adapt her techniques to make our conference participants feel that their investments of time and money to attend a live event were amply rewarded.”  ~Arlene H. Olkin, Ph.D., Director of Leadership Development, ASBO Int’l