Unboring, Interactive Workshops

© Jacob Slaton

Finding meaning & belonging in this time of ‘in-between’

 When: Thurs., Sept. 24 from noon-1:30 PST; 3-4:30pm EST


The global pandemic puts us all in a “liminal state,” a time of ambiguity and disorientation. We’re on a threshold—a passage—between the old and something new, between the unknown and the unfolding.

Writing a Gracenote (a “eulogy for the living”) for someone allows us to directly and compassionately address this “unfinished business” of this liminal state.

During this in-between time, we can intentionally choose to navigate aspects of life differently. Together, we’ll explore, learn and spend time in Zoom to…

  • Access an actionable tool for making meaning from disillusionment and uncertainty
  • See how our collective care can fuel collective transformation
  • Realize how the love behind Gracenotes is the foundation of great leadership, and the “Proof” in the LEAP model of leadership.
  • Begin to overcome what keeps us from honoring others’ ways of being in the world
  • Experience how much our presence makes a difference in our families, our personal lives and our work
  • Show others how much they matter
  • Create a ripple effect of connection and belonging
  • Explore what our legacies will be
  • Generate energy from our worthiness
  • See more clearly who we inherently are—beyond what we do for others, and beyond what others do for us

Space is limited. Register now—it’s free.


RE:VISION 2020 for seasoned and novice event organizers is a virtual event powered by Pathable on

Wed, Nov 11, 2020, 8:00 AM AND

Thu, Nov 12, 2020, 3:00 PM PST

Join us to:

  • Learn best practices for virtual content delivery
  • Get logistical guidance for this new normal
  • Lead what’s next
  • Thrive in chaos
  • Help forge the new future of events
  • Network and grow your professional connections
  • Meet with event exhibitors
  • Explore event sponsorship strategies
  • Experience Pathable’s virtual event platform firsthand.

Free for all attendees (it’s a flexible, come-and-go schedule)

Chief Boredom Buster Andrea Driessen will present an interactive experience entitled Bore to ROAR: Turning Attendees into Participants at 10:30am PDT on Thurs., Nov. 12.

Snag your free front row seat, here