Acrobatic Conundrum

Physical Circus Theater Ensemble

The Acrobatic Conundrum is dedicated to creating performance experiences that engage and amaze audiences. Their shows feature moments of absurd and intimate humanity, and their artists tell their stories as they take physical risks live onstage. As a company, they are dedicated to a vision of human courage, connection, and collaboration. Acrobatic Conundrum’s private shows entertain and broaden audiences’ perspectives of what’s possible.

Terry Crane – Co-Founding Director

Terry surrendered to restless urges that lead him to walk calmly away with the circus at the tender age of 20. Since then, his thirst for movement and performance mentoring has been a zigzag constellation of off-the-beaten path destinations, taking him to the San Francisco Circus Center, Montreal’s National Circus School (of Cirque du Soleil fame), and the Beijing International Acrobatics School. He has now performed in countless countries, on 3 continents, with various groups such as Circus Syzygy, Circus Monti and Teatro ZinZanni. Terry is a longtime practitioner of capoeira, contact improvisation, hip-hop dance, physical theater, and tree climbing. He infuses his work with these influences as well as his own fiercely unique style.