Amy Lynch

Generations Expert. Idea Warrior. Killer Keynoter.

Amy speaks from experience. She has negotiated with, worked with, managed and been managed by four distinct generations. Her clients apply her techniques and strategies in their businesses every day.

She has done stand-up, and it shows.

Amy segues between flashes of “Oh, that’s me” insight and laugh-out-loud observations about every generation. The result is rapid-fire ah-ha moments that change audience behaviors.

Amy created Generational Intelligence.

Amy helps you overlay your business goals with the traits and strengths of each generation. She guides companies through the process of becoming generationally intelligent to get breakthrough results.

She motivates audiences by making them smart.

She translates complex demographics into everyday examples audiences recognize immediately. She helps your team understand why it’s essential to change intergenerational behaviors so you can get results.

She is a former triathlete.

Amy brings race-day insights to the stage and applies lessons learned on her bike and in the water to the workplace.

Interaction is part of the package.

Amy’s spontaneous, big-hearted give and take with audiences shows people she is focused on their success, and the success of every generation.

Amy is an advocate for every generation.

While other speakers focus on a single generation, Amy addresses the strengths and weaknesses of all. She helps multi-generational teams work together as colleagues, rather than coddling one generation or valuing one generation over another.

Amy Lynch speaks from experience. While others talk about generational awareness, Amy’s clients apply her techniques and strategies in their businesses every day. Her high content programs are filled with memorable stories punctuated with a generous dose of humor. Her forthcoming book is Generational Intelligence: How to Harness the Bang of Change.

Her blend of humor, substance and authenticity make her a game-changing speaker. Amy has spoken to 100s of groups from MTV and Reynolds to Boeing, ConEdison, Cisco and the staff of the U.S. Senate.

She has been quoted in The Washington Post, USA Today, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune and NBC Evening News, among others.

Amy lives in Nashville. When she’s not speaking or researching the generations, you can find her on her bicycle, planning tiny houses or, let’s be honest, binge watching Breaking Bad (again).

Feedback slice:

“Your presentation was not only informative, but in the short time we were together, I do feel I had a transformational experience regarding how I view Millennials in the work place. You brought me a decade or more forward.” Blaise Simqu, CEO, SAGE Publications

“The rave reviews of Amy’s keynote during our recent convention have not stopped coming in.  Her ability to relate her studies directly to our industry with specific examples was most impressive.  The time she took to understand our industry and dive deep into the skilled labor crisis set her presentation far apart from what many attendees had experienced before on the same subject.  Her presentation was incredibly valuable.” Mitch Bloomquist, Executive Director, Tilt-Up Concrete Association

Programs include

What’s Your Gen IQ?
Are you ready to thrive?

Welcome to the perfect storm. The biggest demographic shift the workplace has ever seen collides with the Digital Revolution. This keynote reveals the critical role of Generational Intelligence–the combined brainpower of all age groups during times of accelerated change–and how to put it to work for you and your company.

Outcomes: Participants leave this session able to

  • Predict and navigate disruption, rather than perpetually reacting to it.
  • Leverage the essential strengths each generation brings to the task of innovation.
  • Employ the trigger words and trigger tone each generation hears best, from brand new Gen Z to seen-it-all-before Boomers.
  • Recognize and master the steps of Gen IQ: Awareness, Curiosity and Flip Moments.

The Disruption of Gen Z
Gen Z is Here, and they are not who we expected.

Gen Z is entering the workplace at 4.5 million each year. Realistic, resourceful and resilient, they have not been coddled. For these digital natives, network thinking is a given, along with hands-on, DIY values. Zs are builders and fixers, a generation adept at hacking life. If they don’t have a solution, they find one. If they can’t find one, they make one. Don’t expect them to pursue traditional careers so much as forge their own paths–and that means you’ll have to learn to manage differently! This interactive session supplies strategies for attracting, managing and communicating with this surprising generation.

Outcomes: Attendees leave this session able to

  • Describe the events and conditions that shaped this resourceful, realistic generation.
  • Predict Z’s likely reaction to organizational culture and policy.
  • Anticipate communication differences and problems between Z and other generations.
  • Create a management style that builds on Gen Z DIY values.

Market with Gen IQ

From Millennial and Gen X to Boomer and Gen Z, each generation listens for its trigger words and signature tone in your brand messaging. If they hear it, you’re in. If not, they look elsewhere. In this interactive session, Amy reveals the crucial values and surprising trends that drive brand relationship and brand loyalty for each generation in your multi-gen market.

Outcomes: Attendees leave this session able to

  • Win the trust of target generations by building the appropriate brand position as ally or authority.
  • Create messaging that leverages the underlying value—individuality, independence or impact—that garners response from each generation.
  • Anticipate and plan for generation-specific objections.
  • Define brand loyalty in the context of generational traits and behaviors.
    Predict how emerging technologies, cultural trends and major events will impact generational relationships with your brand.

Unlock Millennial Potential.

The hard costs of generational disengagment, and how to get the results you need from your young workforce.

Young generations come to work with expectations unimaginable a few years ago. They respond to management in ways we don’t expect, unless we’ve figured out how to manage like we mean it. Like we mean for them to contribute, like we mean for them to stay. When we do, this young, collaborative cohort contributes like no other.

Outcomes: Participants leave this session able to

  • Define and appreciate the Millennial mindset about work ethic.
  • Motivate young workers by providing purpose, challenge and ongoing learning.
  • Facilitate the input and collaboration young gens need in order to do their best work.
  • Structure schedules and hours in ways Millennials understand.
  • Enhance loyalty.

Don’t Let Generational Conflict Kill Your Innovation.
Make Innovation Everybody’s Job. Drive Innovation with Gen IQ.

How can you be nimble enough to thrive when everything keeps changing? Make innovation everybody’s job. Create a multi-generational culture that not only encourages innovation, but requires it. In this interactive session, Amy reveals the conditions that free each generation to take risks, push the limits and create the breakthrough solutions you need now.

Outcomes: Attendees leave this session able to

  • Compare and contrast the ways different generations define and approach innovation.
  • Delineate the reasons each generation may fall short regarding innovation.
  • Structure opportunities for input and collaboration—as well as for individual innovation.
  • Make ITO (innovation time out) part of your culture.
  • Create the conditions that free each generation to take risks, push the limits and create breakthrough solutions.

Amy also delivers keynotes for specific industries, such as
Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing and Financial Services