Andrea Driessen

Creator of Gracenotes, TEDx speaker, boredom buster, wenote presenter, & hospice volunteer

Andrea has dedicated her career to helping companies, nonprofits, and teams become more communicative, effective, and capable. So it’s no wonder that as a hospice volunteer with Providence of Seattle, she understands the profound power of open and caring communication between those who are dying and their loved ones, along with the importance of recognition, reward, and productivity in the business world.

Since developing the idea of writing Gracenotes after sending a letter to her Father many years ago, she’s seen the powerful effects this straightforward exercise has on anyone. Andrea delivered a TEDxSeattle Talk on Gracenotes in 2019.

As Chief Boredom Buster at Seattle, WA-based No More Boring Meetings, Andrea teams with companies, nonprofits, and trade associations to help them secure top-tier speakers, entertainers, and thought leaders. Additionally, Andrea designs fresh meeting formats and out-of-the-box engagement tools that optimize learning and activate positive change at business events across North America. She’s also received the International Assn. of Speakers Bureaus’ Pacesetter award for bringing more innovation to the industry.

Andrea is the author of the twice-international award-winning book, The Non-Obvious Guide to Event Planning: For Kick-Ass Gatherings that Inspire People. A regular contributor to The Meeting Professional magazine, she’s been a Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) “Best-in-Class” speaker, via which she presented workshops in Canada, Mexico, and across the US.


Gracenotes: Experiential & actionable workshops to recognize, appreciate & celebrate one another


Gracenotes express our most affirming thoughts about anyone we work with and care about. They ensure others know they matter—at any age.

These highly engaging programs are a one-of-a-kind mix of connective, respectful interactivity along with funny and poignant stories that open people’s minds and hearts to positive change. Exploring the concept of Gracenotes is a collective, co-created, interactive, actionable, learning-rich experience—it’s what we call a wenoteTM—the high-energy alternative to a standard, one-way keynote.​

Together, we explore how to take the conscientiousness we feel and express after people die, and authentically communicate these meaningful, perspective-shifting sentiments while we’re alive.

All in a fun, positive, laugh-filled environment.

As wenote attendees are transformed into participants, we move from the status quo of meeting bore to a lively, loud ROAR—workshop leader Andrea Driessen’s acronym for Return On Attendee Relevance.

​We’ll laugh a lot, and we may even cry—as we come to understand what it means to really be seen for all that we are.

​Gracenotes workshops require as little as 30 minutes and can run up to a half day. No matter the length, we’ll participate in un-corny interactivity, personal introspection, peer-to-peer exercises and games in safe and gracious ways.

​And we’ll slay regret and boost belonging in an unforgettable experience that can last a lifetime.

​“Your Gracenotes TEDx Talk held my heart. What a brilliant presentation you made, inspiring each and every one of us to not wait to offer our appreciation. You presented so very well, your carriage is outstanding, and you left the words grace notes on my radar forever.” Debra Fine

​“An “aha” moment was realizing I could do this with people outside my immediate family.”

​Gracenotes workshops are ideal experiences for:

  • ​Executives who desire new ways to build and leave individual and collective legacies.
  • ​Teams that crave more cohesion, and managers who want an easy-to-use tool that ensures employees know their talents matter….that they’re valued for their humanness and bring their full selves to work.
  • ​Trade associations hungry for fresh, affordable tools to honor and appreciate members, as well as boost member engagement and amplify belonging in unexpected and powerful ways. When association members go from feeling unseen to feeling significant, they contribute more time and energy to your industry.​
  • Awards banquet invitees—both for those on stage for recognition and for everyone else—because Gracenotes are a powerful way to acknowledge, honor and engage the entire audience.​
  • Women’s events. With 70% of women and men reporting a sense of impostor syndrome (!), Gracenotes are a critical antidote to the doubt that so many of us have in our accomplishments and our self worth.​
  • Clients of financial services firms actively involved in conversations  around legacy, meaning and how they wish to be remembered.


Headshot by Gudmundur Ibsen