Anna Boynton

Seattle-based TED-Style Presentations Skills Coach

Anna Boynton comes to her coaching career via an extensive professional theatrical career. With an MFA in Theatre Arts, she has been the Speaker Coach for TEDxRainier (the largest TEDx in Washington State) for the past 4 years.  And through this process, she has crafted her own version of the “TED-style” coaching approach.

Anna also works with senior-level executives of Fortune 500 companies as well as first-time presenters at young, start- up companies.

Further, she works with employees looking to improve everyday “offstage” presentation skills—for those wanting to learn skills for better inter-office team meetings, or increasing internal and external employee engagement. Anna’s personality-based approach guides them to bring out their best.

Anna offers one-to-one, high-touch coaching, small-group workshops, webinars and large-group seminars on presentation skills tailored toward improved outcomes.

In short, Anna helps all whom she works with find the joys and success of simply “Acting Like Yourself.”

Anna’s Coaching Philosophy

Anna believes that because each of us is different, each engagement is unique.  There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to coaching.  Different individuals and organizations require their own set of tools designed specifically for their needs.

Working in person, via Skype, or on the web, Anna is confident that she can help move anyone forward in their presentation goals. How far, depends solely on their availability and commitment.

She follows an organic story format to illuminate the best aspects of all speakers. And she then teaches them to be themselves instead of “putting on” or trying to imitate someone else.

Introverts and extroverts alike have the ability to be compelling communicators. To succeed, they must speak from a place of authenticity, which is unique to them and ultimately far more interesting to audiences.

What is TED-style coaching?

For Anna, this means: Crafting a focused, memorable, cohesive talk, using story structure and an adherence to a time frame.

Successful TED-style speakers highlight and deliver on key components of their expertise and relate their speech content to the needs of the audience and the organization as a whole.

The goal is to present their best selves in the most organic fashion, by staying focused on the message so they can truly communicate to and connect with audiences.

For a look at a few of the TEDxRainier speakers Anna has recently worked with:

Jim McDermott
Rex Holbein
Jonathan Bricker
Kathleen Macferran

Feedback for Anna Boynton:

“You were awesome. Our next presentation was very well received, and attendees sensed a high energy in our presenters. My senior leadership team thought the group session was great and very relevant to their development as leaders. They all felt very comfortable engaging with you, and felt you created a very positive environment open to candid feedback and learning. I am most grateful for your engagement with my team.” VP & GM, Global Company

“I want to thank all of you for helping me prepare for my first keynote. I don’t want to think about how it would have gone without each of you in the mix. I was better because of you. Thank you!”
GM, Global Company

“I have received great feedback on the message, content and approach. And I am proud of the effort and thought we collectively put in to make it engaging, appreciative and special. I could not do it without you.” CVP, Global Company

“Your coaching and guidance have been invaluable. I use your techniques before and during every speaking event, whether I’m addressing a small staff meeting of ten people or a large event of hundreds.” VP of Regulation, US Treasury

Case study:
Anna, along with her business partner Ken, recently delivered a customized day-long clinic. After the session, the client wrote: Thanks again for your coaching session. It was terrific. A couple of very positive observations:

·         The town hall was very well received. The attendees sensed a high energy in the presenters.
·         All incorporated the concept of audience/story/supporting materials during the town hall
·         They all thought that the session was great and very relevant to their development as leaders
·         They all felt very comfortable engaging with both of you, they felt you created a very positive environment open to candid feedback and learning.