Don’t Break Your Breakout

How to research, craft and deliver breakout sessions audiences want to hear 

The problem with non-professional presenters: Subject matter experts (SMEs) usually over-use their strengths. They know the details of their topics so well they forget what it’s like NOT to know them. Their presentation turns into a droning deep dive instead of a revelation of insights.  Crack…the breakout is broken.

Generic presentation training doesn’t work

SMEs are often sent to standard presentation training months before they give a breakout. They’re taught to not look at their notes, keep their hands out of their pockets, and avoid saying “um.”  None of this actually helps them—or your audience!

Just-in-time, only what they need to know

Brian Walter’s Don’t Break Your Breakout provides SMEs with five actionable tactics that will make an immediate difference in all their future breakout sessions for your audiences. Don’t Break Your Breakout tactics:

  1. Ask & Answer strategy for audience-oriented breakout content
  2. Moving from Information to Insight to Impact
  3. PSSST presenting (Point, Story, Show, Stat, Testimonial)
  4. Turning recipient into participants
  5. Sound Bite Summary

Brian also ensures SMEs unlearn bad habits and replace them with fresh and more effective approaches to content development, so their programs generate maximum impact and the ability to inspire attendees to action.

Why Brian?

  • Because no one ever complained about a meeting being too interesting.
  • He holds the two highest designations in speaking in the speaking industry: CSP, CPAE, a designation bestowed on only about 200 people in history.
  • Is an award-winning communications consultant, high-impact speaker, infotainment expert & multi-media producer

Read more about him here.

Low risk, high reward

When the communication stakes are high, companies bring in Brian. He’s repeatedly delivered for this-had-better-be-great clients such as PepsiCo, Microsoft, Starbucks, Pitney Bowes, Verizon and Payless. He’s been called upon to reimagine the meeting experience, explain new brands, make CEOs look cool, reposition bad news, and bring the house to its feet with good news. He’s led teambuilding exercises with thousands of participants and turned what would have been yawn-inducing SME’s into meeting rock stars.

Brian Factoids

  • International Association of Business Communicator’s “Gold Quill” Award of Excellence
  • Guinness Book of World Records holder for producing the world’s shortest TV commercial
  • Past President of the National Speakers Association

Feedback Slice: “You instantly got 1,500 employees engaged.” – Colin Bryar, VP

Starbucks: “An incredible hit!” – James Greathouse, Communications Manager

PepsiCo: “Rave reviews from beginning to end!” – Kelley Haslun, Senior Manager, HR Communications

AAA: “Miraculously talented ideas.” – Mary Kuhn, VP of Marketing

Eddie Bauer: “Fresh, exciting, memorable.” – Fabian Månsson, President & CEO

Costco: “Brian is a creative genius.” – Shelli Messmer, Training Manager