Dr. John Izzo

Boosting Change Resiliency, Engagement, & Accountability

Dr. John Izzo is a thought provoking keynote speaker & author on leadership

Dr John Izzo provokes greatness in people and companies. He stretches leaders to dream even bigger through intentional leadership. His powerful stories strike a chord with some of the best companies in the world because his concepts apply to “the head and the heart” of individual and collective change. John drives home the importance of people’s roles in an organization with hard hitting facts from research and practical ideas grounded in the “how”.

A bestselling author of six books, John’s books include the international bestsellers Awakening Corporate Soul, Values Shift and The Five Secrets You must Discover Before You Die. His most recent book titled Stepping Up, shows the power of personal responsibility in life, work and society.

Over the last twenty years he spoken to over one million people, taught at two major universities, advised over 500 organizations and is frequently featured in the media by the likes of Fast Company, PBS, CBC, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and INC Magazine.

He has advised some of the best companies in the world including DuPont, TELUS, McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s, Westjet, RBC, Lockheed Martin, Qantas Airlines, Humana, Microsoft and the Mayo Clinic.

John is as a pioneer in the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability movements and is a Distinguished Fellow at the East-West Institute-a non partisan think tank working on international security issues including food, water and energy security.

His speaking programs include:

Leading for Transformational Change: Turning Resistance Into Results

Would you like your people to consistently embrace change and create ongoing innovation?

Almost every organization today is experiencing unprecedented change and also needing to drive innovation and transformation to stay successful. Dr. John Izzo has spent an entire career helping leaders and organizations not only embrace change but inspiring them for transformational change.

Your audience will discover proven methods for getting others to embrace change. John explains the neuroscience behind change and how to use that knowledge to help others embrace change. The audience will discover the keys to personal resilience and learn how to create a climate for innovation and understand the true source of change resistance and how to overcome it in yourself and your organization.

This talk is hard hitting, practical and guaranteed to get your people stepping up to change.

“We went from 38th our out of 40 hotels in service to number 4! John was part of this service excellence change effort and we highly recommend him!”~ Fairmont

“Powerful and fun, thank you for showing us the power we have to shape change.”~ HP

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Step Up & Be a Change Maker

This highly inspirational and actionable program features inspiring real stories of people who stepped up to create change. They include:

•    How two high school students stood up for one kid and created a worldwide ant-bullying movement
•    How two front line employees fought for the Starbucks Frappuccino and created a multi-billion dollar product
•    How a group of hippies and journalists put a stop to the Whale Hunt
•    How three ordinary women from the United States bought beads from a woman in Africa and wound up helping thousands leave poverty
•    How a woman simply decided to talk to a stranger on a bus and wound up saving her life

“The stepping up program helped us significantly improve our net promoter score.” – QANTAS

100% Responsibility 0% Excuses: Creating A Culture Of Accountability

Taking responsibility means “Stepping up” and seeing yourself as the agent of change, whether it is changing your company or changing the world-it starts with you.

In this hard hitting keynote Dr. John Izzo talks about a concept he calls 100-0 (100% Responsibility 0 % Excuses) and how each one of us can take greater accountability when we put our excuses aside by focusing on what we can do and the role we play. He gets leaders from the CEO to the front line thinking about what they can do personally to step up.

Your leaders will leave knowing the main reasons why people don’t step up to take responsibility; the keys to getting people to take ownership; and how to influence people to create a culture of ownership.

John brings compelling examples of how leaders and companies achieved optimal results by creating true ownership. Your audience will get practical ideas and proven methods for getting people to “own” it by inspiring people to see what’s in it for them personally when they step up and how it improves their personal brand.

“Within 20 minutes, Dr. John had our executive team engaged and riveted, so much so that we didn’t see anyone checking their phones or iPads. John masterfully talked with (not at!) our group in ways that built buy in and cohesion. He used fresh ways to engage our team, keeping their attention throughout the day. To say that our team was TRANSFORMED in how they interact and move forward into our future is not an exaggeration. It was one of our best retreat sever.”~ CEO of Franciscan Health System

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Leading On Purpose: Winning People With The ‘WHY

If you really want your people to be engaged and bring their best to work then you need to make sure they have a deep sense of purpose. Research shows that people who see the purpose of their work are more productive, work longer hours and are more engaged.

We also know that when people feel inspired by the purpose of your company or organization they are more deeply committed, more willing to change, and serve customers more powerfully.

Dr. John Izzo first introduced the idea of higher purpose at work in his book, Awakening Corporate Soul and has been showing leaders for over 20 years how to create a workplace where people are connected to the highest purpose of their work.

In this keynote, John not only shows why purpose is so critical but provides audiences proven methods to drive purpose and the “why” with their teams.

John explains WHY purpose matters and drives home how to drive the WHY on a daily basis in your organization. Leaders will leave with tangible actions to get the most out of their teams.

“John is a truly inspiring speaker, whose candid approach and story-telling capability reinforced key messages with the audience. He did a great job of challenging our current thinking, forcing us to look at our own culture and the role each of us plays in making the desired transformation.” ~Andrew Turner, VPVP Performance Culture, TELUS Performance Culture, TELUS

Visit the following video links to see John sharing inspirational stories about winning people with the why:

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The Secrets of Highly Engaging Workplaces & Leaders

Organizations with high levels of employee engagement are significantly more profitable, have much higher customer loyalty, stronger productivity and a better reputation with customers than those with moderate engagement. In fact, the average HIGHLY engaged team member can be up to 40%more productive than a disengaged performer.

But what are the secrets to highly engaged teams and highly engaged companies? Why do some leaders consistently crate highly engaged associates?

Dr. John Izzo has spent a lifetime researching what separates truly passionate, high engagement teams and leaders from the rest of the pack. In this keynote, John shares the four keys to creating high engagement teams and shows why some leaders are consistently able to get high levels of commitment from people. John gives the audience day-today practices for how leaders can immediately drive engagement for better results.

Based on his work with many of the best workplaces in the world, John shows leaders how to implement simple disciplines and routines guaranteed to create highly engaged teams.

Your leaders will not only see their role in driving engagement but will leave with ideas they can implement right away that will lead to significantly higher engagement.

John has a great track record of getting leaders to become engagement champions. He’ll leave the audience with a leadership checklist that shows leaders the most important things to do every day to drive engagement and ultimately profits.

“We worked with John at our 2011National Owner/Operator conference. Our Owner/Operator’s were inspired and left with the desire to put into action many of John’s ideas. John’s ability to share his knowledge through storytelling left us all wanting more. Over the years, we have heard many speakers and John is by far one of the best”~ Michele Boudria, National Director of Training, McDonalds

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Stepping Up: How Responsibility Inspires Change

Have you ever wondered why some people step up and create positive change in the world and in business?

Dr. John Izzo inspires audiences how” stepping up” creates positive change while improving satisfaction at work and in life. Based on his bestselling book Stepping Up, John motivates people about important principles such as:

  • Why only naïve people ever change the world
  • The way each of us can step up every day in our lives to make a bigger difference
  • Show how leadership is not a position but a decision to lead

Filled with inspiring examples of how people have stepped up to make things better, audiences will leave feeling inspired that their individual actions can make a difference in the workplace, our lives and the for the Greater Good of the world.

People will leave feeling motivated to take action immediately by focusing on what they can do personally to drive change rather than to rely on others.

“All of our Managers were thrilled with thepresentation form Dr. Izzo, the feedback was extremely positive – in fact it was all positive.Some of the comments from our group were “excellent, awesome, engaging, practical,thought-provoking, relevant”. Thanks again for helping to make us better Managers.”~ Todd Svenson, President, Co-op Managers Association

John shares inspiring stories such as:

  • How a small group of employees created a billion dollar product for their company
  • How two students stood up to one bully and started an international anti-bullying movement
  • How a leader took a dying business unit within a large Telco and got employees to step up creating a “cash cow” for her company
  • How three women with no business experience helped 10,000 women start businesses in Uganda
  • How a group of journalists and biologists helped stop the commercial whale hunt
  • How a small group of people stepped up and transformed one of the worst slums in the world into a thriving community
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The Net Positive Company: The Power Of Doing Good

The value of being an admired brand can add as much as 30% to a company’s profitability.

Over the last decade, the percentage of a company’s value that is related to “goodwill” has quadrupled, which means that increasingly, we are only as good as our “good name.” Dr. John Izzo talks about a new type of company he calls, The Net Positive Company and demonstrates why doing good is powerful for businesses.

In the last decade, social responsibility, trust, and being “green” are among the strongest drivers in terms of who customers buy from and who people want to work for. Being an admired brand matters not only outside a company, but inside it too.

John shows what makes a brand admired by customers and employees and shares five keys to creating an admired brand that will be a magnet for talent and customers. He also describes the three things that can derail a brand and how to avoid them.

Your leaders will discover their role in creating an admired brand in their daily work.

Understand why CSR and sustainability matters to society

Discover how consumers and employees are changing in sustainability expectations

Learn valuable lessons from what other companies have done

Discover the keys to driving sustainability throughout the culture

Find out how to keep from being accused of “green washing”

Inspire everyone to take your efforts seriously

“Dr John Izzo’s presentation was stimulating, thought provoking and entertaining all at the same time. We were truly amazed how Dr Izzo was able to incorporate our company’s

values and core beliefs into his presentation. We felt like he had been a 20 year member of the team. Very well done, Sir!”~Dr. Chad Overman, Director of Professional Relations, Walmart

“Our best speaker yet! Dr. Izzo delivered a compelling message that really resonated well with our audience. John has a way of connecting with people through real life stories and experiences; making them reflect on their own life & work situations. After hearing his message, you want and believe you can make a difference, you want to push yourself to the nextevel. Tones of takeaways; I would highly recommend him!”~ Eric Halle, Regional VP,CIM | Dynamic Funds

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