Eric Boles

Former NFL player with Jets and Packers, and now popular leadership and teaming speaker/author

Eric Boles Keynote Presentations

Eric Boles will weave powerful stories and depth around each of these strategies that will touch the heads and hearts of your people.He’ll work with you to customize his presentation around your meeting theme, key business issues and goals so your get the results you want. Plus your audience will receive relevant information that they can put to work immediately both personally and professionally.We look forward to the possibility of working with you.

Fearless Leadership”… focus on leaders being Courageous and Fearless while making tough decisions and taking responsibility for them.When times are tough how do we lead?What are the key qualities we need to demonstrate to effectively lead and inspire those we lead?When the pressure mounts are you the kind of leader people will follow?

Running Around The Wedge…..emphasis on being a loyal and committed team member.Are you a person your team members can count on?Will you take responsibility or blame others and take the easy way out? Do we serve both the internal and external customer or focus on ourselves and our own agenda?How can we put together teams where everyone is engaged and feels valued?

Increasing Human Effectiveness….personal development insights and tools to assist individuals realize more of their potential, increase their awareness, overcome limiting habits and attitudes, manage change, clarify values and set goals, and build self esteem in themselves and others.Using these tools and insights they will have more success both personally and professionally.

Leading with Purpose…..a practical look at the real qualities of high performance leaders.Qualities of being Authentic, Vulnerable, Present, and Courageous will be outlined.It will be demonstrated how these qualities need to be present to build sustainable, healthy and productive relationships with those you ask to follow. Plus we’ll explore Problem Solving, Prioritizing, People Development, and Vision.These four disciplines properly applied will ensure your efforts are effective in helping you lead your people and your organization with integrity and dignity.

7 Keys to Dynamic Growth…What are the real keys to organizational and individual growth.This is a highly customized message based on the clients needs.If it is a leadership group the keys will be different than if it’s a sales group etc.Concepts and ideas from the above messages may be woven into this message so the audience is both inspired and challenged to better lead and grow themselves and their organizations.

 “Moving to Great”…How do you get to the next level?You may be in a “rut” or you may be doing incredible.But the pressure from all around you demands that you “up” your game.You can’t rest on your past successes and the good ole’ days are gone forever. You don’t want to be left behind.Where do you get the energy and the strategies to move to the next level with the competition and the stress increasing?Some of the limitations you identify may even be mental and self-imposed.How do I get of my own way and move forward?

“Leading in the New Reality”…Leading has never been easy.But it’s never been more challenging than it is today in this “New Normal” or “New Reality”.The customer has never been more demanding, the competition never stiffer, employees less engaged, and change and technology advances only getting faster. Plus, despite all these demands, many leaders are being asked to accomplish more with less.


 You are fantastic!!! Your message was "perfect" for our leaders! I truly appreciate how you tailor your inspiring and challenging message to align with our business needs and meeting themes. Your content and curriculum combined with your persona continues to resonate with all Starbucks partners that have experienced your workshops. Any organization that truly values their people and wants to grow their business would benefit from your services. Your get results!!! President, Starbucks Coffee Company U.S

“The one day workshop on “Leading in a New Reality” was exactly what we needed to help us meet the challenges of today’s changing marketplace. The benefits of your work were immediately obvious. Our whole team finished the day connected, focused, energized, and inspired to go forward as one high performing team.”COO, Moneytree, Inc.

“WOW!!! Thank you so very much for your ‘fantastic’ keynote message at our 2010 Profitability & Growth Conference in New Orleans. Your presentation was just perfect for our audience of corporate employees. The nearly 1000 attendees were still ‘buzzing’ about your powerful message the next day. Your challenging insights on becoming a ‘Dream Team’ blending around Leadership, Focus, Peak Performance and Managing Change were perfectly tailored to our meeting them and business issues.” SVP, Dunkin’ Brands, Dunkin Donuts

“I want to sincerely thank you for the incredible job you did as a keynote speaker at our 2008 Leadership Summit. You stole the show!! Our people were completely engaged from beginning to end with your timely message and your humble enthusiasm. We could not have been more please with your presentation. The content was right on target while providing the perfect combinations of education and inspiration.” Executive Vice President, Alaska Airlines

“On behalf of the American Lung Association, please accept my most sincere thanks for sharing your ‘Fearless Leadership’ presentation… Your message to our staff was both timely and inspiring.” CEO, American Lung Association

“Your presentation on leadership was right on target and your interaction with the participants was just what we hoped for. When asked what they liked most about the Summit server participants said, ‘Eric was awesome. His encouragement and perspective were just what I needed.’” Program Director, Leadership Training Institute, National League of Cities

 “It was clear that you truly cared for every individual in that room. Your connection with them in that rare and personal way made everyone involved feel engaged and cared for…[You have] and beautiful and rare talent. The world needs to hear from Eric Boles!” CEO, Kentucky League of Cities

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