Jacqueline Carter

The Mind of the Leader: Enhancing Leadership Performance with Mindfulness

Jacqueline is passionate about helping individuals and organizations enhance performance and effectiveness with mindfulness. She works with large corporations around the globe to improve focus, clarity and results. Her clients include: Cisco, Google, Sony, American Express, RBC, EY and KPMG to name a few. Jacqueline has spoken at numerous conferences and has appeared on television as well as radio talk shows. She is coauthor of the book entitled “One Second Ahead – Enhance Your Performance at Work with Mindfulness” published by Palgrave in November 2015. She has written articles for a range of publications including Harvard Business Review, American Management Association, Leader to Leader, Mindful Magazine, Business Insider, and many more.

Her latest book, published by Harvard Business Press in 2018 is called “The Mind of the Leader – How to Lead Yourself, Your People and Organization for Extraordinary Results.”

Jacqueline is also a seasoned change management and organization development expert. She has over 20 years of consulting and management experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors. She has supported the successful implementation of complex changes for large organizations in internal and external leadership roles.

She has helped organizations increase focus, effectiveness, productivity, team work, and well-being through major programs as well as targeted interventions. Jacqueline is a strategic thinker and an excellent facilitator. She has strong analytical, organizational, and communication skills. Jacqueline has held fiscal and resource accountabilities for budgets of over $60M and teams of more than 100 people.

Her speaking clients include Bank of America, ATD, Marriott Americas, the Mindful Workplace Summit, National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation, Royal Bank of Canada and scores more.

Jacqueline holds a M.Sc. in Organizational Behavior and a B.Sc. in Labor Management Relations and Mathematics. During her graduate studies, Jacqueline supported research on entrepreneurial organizations and how they navigate the challenging process of rapid growth and development.  She also conducted research on innovation, creativity and workplace diversity.

Jacqueline worked for Deloitte Consulting for several years and was recognized as a leader within Deloitte’s Change Practice. In addition to serving her clients, Jacqueline supported Deloitte in developing tools and methodologies to support large scale change initiatives.

Jacqueline has worked in Canada, the United States, Australia and Singapore. She is passionate about both mental and physical fitness. Jacqueline currently lives in Calgary with her family.

Her article, written with business partner Rasmus Hougaard on how to practice mindfulness at work, was published in HBR.

Her speaking programs include:

The Mind of a Leader

Mindfulness, selflessness and compassion are key leadership qualities to create high performing, people-centered organizations. This is the conclusion of research conducted with more 35,000 global leaders from companies like Microsoft, Google, Accenture, Lego, Cisco and others. Mindful leadership and the core quality of compassionate leadership is rising in the research literature- identified as an increasing topic of interest with a tangible need to demonstrate leadership potential through these virtues.

Potential Project in collaboration of Harvard Business Press have conducted one of the largest international research projects to find the most important mental qualities for 21st century leadership, with an aim to create more people-centered organizational cultures that drive business success. She will share the findings of this research, along with stories from interviews with more than 200 global executives and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

Getting One Second Ahead – Enhancing Leadership Performance with Mindfulness

It’s not easy being a leader in today’s fast-paced, complex, dynamic work environments. Leaders need to maintain calm in the midst of daily storms. They need to remain focused in the face of a million distractions. They need to have clarity of mind to ensure they are helping themselves and their people do the right things as opposed to just doing lots of things.

In this session, we will share stories and experiences from around the globe on how and why companies are incorporating mindfulness training as a foundational tool to support leadership performance and development.

The session will include case studies from work with leading companies including Sony, EY, Accenture and more. It will also include practical tools and techniques that participants can use and integrate into their leadership development activities to get the “One Second Ahead” advantage enabling leaders to respond as apposed the react in the face of daily busyness.

From this session, participants will get practical, tactical, information on how they can help themselves and their teams enhance effectiveness and productivity through training the mind.