Jacqueline Farrington

Helping professionals of all stripes enhance their intentional presence

Fortune 500 client list; former lecturer at Yale Drama School; MA, MFA

Leaders who show up with their most authentic selves, whether on stage or in 1:1 conversations, in person or online, foster more impassioned followers.

They achieve deeper audience engagement. And generate more measurable results on their most important efforts.

Jacqueline Farrington’s approach to presentation skills and executive presence coaching is rooted in showing you how to align body, mind, voice and intention to achieve your most important goals.

Drawing from neuroscience, the performing arts, communications, and psychology, Jacqueline works compassionately with clients to transform a lack of clarity into a sense of calm, anxiety into action, and inherent potential into positive, actionable outcomes.

Clients worldwide appreciate her intellect, kindness, perceptiveness, and empathetic guidance as they grow into their very best selves.

More cred:

  • Yale Drama School: lecturer on voice and dialects who trained future attorneys, MBAs, and actors for 15 years. Former students now garnering Tonys, Emmys, Obies and a broad range of prime performance roles
  • Fortune 500 clients from around the globe, particularly in financial services, technology and healthcare, including Apple, Accenture, Barclays, Citibank, Sephora, Tableau Software, Deloitte, Time Warner and more
  • Rutgers University MFA; London University MA
  • London Business School lecturer
  • TEDxSeattle: Senior speaker coach
  • Professional actress who has worked for many years on stage, on television and on screen
  • Seasoned voiceover artist
  • Multiple certifications in neuroscience-based coaching and change-management practices