The global authority on Executive Fatigue™ & international speaker, author, & global adventurer

Why This Speaker? Highly engaging, with an interactive style, his content creates immediate results for leaders and gives them a road map to regaining energy and focus.

Jerome Wade, Certified Speaking Professional, is an author, international speaker, and an advisor to executive leaders. With 25 years of C-Suite experience, Jerome is a seasoned authority on executive performance, and organizational culture.

Jerome is the global authority on Executive Fatigue™, marshaling his more than 25 years of experience to ensure business owners, executives, and leaders at every level get what they want without losing what they love.

Having given more than 2700 highly interactive presentations and counting, Jerome masterfully engages audiences with actionable insight that drives results. Leveraging the power of story from Jerome’s global adventures and experiences (trekking to Everest Base Camp, Machu Picchu, Kayaking the Grand Canyon, Sailing the Caribbean, and more), audiences are inspired to live and lead at the top of their game.

Jerome is the CEO of The Epic Advantage™, and currently serving as the President of the National Speakers Association New Mexico Chapter. 

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His programs include

 1-UNSTOPPABLE: The Guide to Driving for Success Without Driving Yourself Into the Ground

Life for executives is filled with endless deadlines, unreasonable demands, and all-consuming dilemmas. For many, the pursuit of success and their drive to achieve, leads them to perform at an unsustainable pace putting at risk the very things they love. Left unchecked, drive and ambition can cause executives to find themselves leading on empty, suffering from the devastating consequences of executive fatigue™. 

Executive Fatigue is a global pandemic that affects every continent, every culture, every business, every organization, and every person.

It doesn’t have to be that way; you can stay at the top of your game and get what you want without putting at risk everything that matters to you. In this unfiltered, solution rich presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize, reverse, and prevent executive fatigue™.
  • Identify the surprising and hidden causes of executive fatigue
  • Create a self–leadership matrix that creates focus, alignment, and drives long-term results
  • Discover the transformative power of The Flywheel of Significance™
  • Refuel personal and professional passion and re-energize vision
  • Re-engineer a bigger, brighter, significance driven life.

2-MOMENTUM: The strategic process for creating and executing next level impact.

Leading a team or organization to an inspiring future that drives growth and gets results is the top priority for board of directors and executive teams. The plan you create and the process you implement is crucial to your success.

MOMENTUM is a facilitated process designed to unleash creativity, innovation, and bold action. You and your team will be masterfully guided through a series of thought provoking and results inducing steps to help you successfully design and develop a clearly articulated and actionable plan.

Whether you are planning the next year or the next phase of growth, the MOMENTUM process will help you get the clarity you want and will empower you to have the courage to take massive action. In this facilitated strategic planning experience you will…

  • Unlock creativity, innovation, and out of the box thinking.
  • Develop an inspiring future and compelling plan
  • Find confidence and courage to forge forward
  • Experience a fun, engaging, and interactive strategic planning process
  • Have a clear vision for the next steps of growth and development
  • Celebrate an engaged team who lean in to the future you are creating
  • Know how to drive long terms results and focus
  • Gain momentum to accomplish your goals faster

NOTE: The content of these interactive presentations can be tailored to leaders at all levels in any industry. By request, titles can be adjusted as well.

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“Jerome brought energy and focus to our organization and helped us successfully lead through a challenging season. We are now winners of the national Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award and Jerome helped us make that happen!” Lee Butler, Director of Performance Excellence, Don Chalmers Ford

“Jerome has an ability to inspire not only excitement and inspiration but action. Through captivating storytelling and personal transparency, the author weaves a narrative that feels impossible not to act upon. 100% must read book!” Grayson Houston, Founder and CEO of SPARK Solutions