Jim Bergquist

Coach to the World Famous Pike Place Fish

Imagine a workplace to which everyone chooses to bring energy, passion and a positive attitude each day. An environment in which people are truly connected to their work, to their colleagues, and to their customers.  Impossible? Not at all.

Since 1986, Pike Place Fish in Seattle, WA has been engaged in a process with their long-time business coach, Jim Bergquist, who’s helped lead them toward creating that very environment.  When Seattle's Pike Place Fish set out on a journey to become "world famous," they partnered with Jim Bergquist. Since then, Jim and his associates have been working very closely with Pike Place Fish owners and employees to affect change in the environment. 

Over the years, humble little Pike Place Fish became "World Famous" Pike Place Fish, a dynamic, fast-paced retail fish market that's fun for both customers and employees. The antics of the fish-flinging staff have become the highlight of Pike Place Market, Seattle’s Number One tourist attraction. They have been featured in Spike Lee's Levi commercial, on NBC's "Frasier," MTV's "Real World," and ABC's "Good Morning America."

The "low-flying fish" have been captured on film and immortalized in print by filmmakers and journalists from all over the world. In 1996, two award-winning corporate training films, Fish! and Fish Sticks! were produced. These two videos document the amazing culture of Pike Place Fish and have become the best selling corporate training videos in the world. In a CNN Special Report in 2001, CNN identified the three most fun places to work in the United States. World Famous Pike Place Fish came in #1! 

World famous INDEED! 

The Team now travels the world, to company conventions and special events to deliver their powerful, fun, educational and inspiring message. Jim Bergquist and his team have also produced amazing results with companies in industries as far ranging as retail, finance, healthcare and energy.

Their focus is on management-by-inspiration and empowerment coaching versus the older management model of command and control. They work with leaders who are looking to produce breakthroughs; to establish entirely new dimensions of accomplishment and productivity within their industries.

Many of their client companies produce industry wide record-breaking results.  Clients include Amgen, Boeing, Hallmark Cards, Hilton Hotels, Microsoft, Singapore Ministry of Manpower, and Xerox. Jim specializes in "cultural transformation" and "organizational creativity." He is an expert at coaching leaders in generating organizational breakthroughs, unleashing employee creativity and productivity as well as greatly expanding overall organizational effectiveness.  

Hey – Wanna catch a Fish…….Or more importantly, do you wanna buy one??! 

Jim speaks on many topics, some of which include:

o   "What It Takes to Be World Famous"

o   "Beyond Customer Service"

o   "Retaining Your Employees: Love 'em or Loose 'em"

o   "Team Building: From Management to Coaching"

o   "Loving What You Do, Doing What You Love"

o   "Creating the Future"

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