Jim Sorensen

Building More Effective Relationships Through team-Building, Conflict Management and Sales; managing across the generations

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For 30 years Jim Sorensen has educated and enlivened the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals who have attended his presentations. Whether speaking to high tech executives or administrative personnel, CEOs or city workers, Jim quickly gains rapport and gets results with his custom-designed programs based on clients' desired outcomes. He presents topics interestingly and humorously, consistently receiving rave reviews from companies from coast to coast and around the world.

He's trained a wide range of facilitators in a wide range of countries. Jim's programs focus on a range of relationship-building topics such as team-building, relationship selling, cross-cultural and cross-generational communication skills, leadership and sales.

Jim genuinely enjoys what he does, and designs his programs for corporate audiences as well as the general public-from small start up companies to large multinational corporations.

These clients include: Microsoft [dozens of presentations], Weyerhaeuser, Westinghouse, Boeing, Intel, Ford, State Farm Insurance, Devtest Australia, Attachmate and Keybank.

Additionally, he has presented to many international and regional government bodies including those of the United States, Belgium, Canada, Russia and Uzbekistan, as well as Washington State, King County and the City of Seattle.

Jim Sorensen is also an accomplished artist and illustrator, with seven books to his credit. He has been interviewed on over 50 talk shows, including an NBC after-news special. He lives near Seattle, Washington.

Jim's topics include:

  • Teambuilding: Establishing more productive and cooperative relationships in the workplace
  • Improving Management, Communication and Motivation in the Multi-Generation Workplace
  • The Power of Accountability: Achieving Key Results
  • Relationship Selling: Selling Strategies For The New Millennium
  • Benefiting From Conflicts
  • Motivating with Compassion [Motivational Program Focusing On Motivating With Compassion Rather Than With Fear]
  • Secrets And Strategies For Effective Presentations: A Workshop For Trainers And Presenters

"Jim Sorensen is a highly engaging and informative speaker. His brand of wit and wisdom challenges the listener to think critically and to enthusiastically apply the concepts presented. Jim offers gems that are true both at home and work and he presents these comprehensively and with humor. As a conference chair, I find it's a real pleasure when you can recommend a speaker without hesitation knowing that his evaluations will consistently garner top marks. Jim Sorensen is that presenter."
– Rebecca Hill, City County Insurance Services [Oregon]

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