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John O’Leary has lived through worse than most can imagine.

At the age of nine, John was severely burned on 100% of his body. No one expected him to survive the first night. But he did. He then survived months in a hospital bed, dozens of surgeries, and years of therapy. Before his tenth birthday, John lost all of his fingers to amputation.

This wasn’t the end. John’s journey was just beginning. From this tragedy, John received the greatest gift – embracing the truth that regardless of our personal and professional challenges, we choose how to.

His keynotes embody themes of navigating adversity through decision-making; revealing a brighter vision for what’s possible; and living boldly to impact others. And rather than just give a play-by-play about how burns over his entire body nearly took his young life, John makes the live experience about the AUDIENCE. Inspiring them to think about how they’ll respond when they face obstacles, when they feel burned. Laughter, tears, and a standing ovation later, your attendees will be ignited!

As a boy in that hospital bed, John could not have foreseen the amazing things he would accomplish. But his journey proved more empowering and rewarding than he could have ever imagined. It gave him strength. It fueled and drove him on. It provided hope. It taught him compassion and understanding, and it gave him a solid foundation for living.

Some call John a survivor, but he is so much more than that. John O’Leary is a beacon of hope, and he’s ready to share his message with you.

John now lives to share his story and to spark the stories of others living boldly, so that together we can forge an extraordinary future by finding the possibility in the present.

Speaking programs

Roaring standing ovations. Stacks of heartfelt thank-you letters and emails. One audience leading to the next. Every time.

There are thousands of speakers around the world with worthy messages and incredible achievements. How does John O’Leary compare? He doesn’t.

John O’Leary is a man who defied death. Because of this experience, John truly lives. And, more importantly, John is masterful at conveying the truth that “no obstacle is insurmountable.”

Through emotional storytelling and great humor, John reveals a brighter vision for what is possible in life and business. John is highly sought after because he delivers a “genuine and authentic” message that is truly unmatched.

If you’re seeking an opening keynote speaker to kick off your event with high energy, emotion, and purpose or a dramatic closing speaker so that “every attendee is motivated to put their day’s learning into action,” look no further.

John is adept at partnering with each client to ensure that his presentation will complement their conference, meeting, or event. Here are specific examples of how he is able to shape his message to support attendees from specific industries:

John began speaking professionally in 2007 and had three clients that year. Since then, John has partnered with more than 1,200 clients, across all industries, in 47 states and 10 countries.

Today’s business environment has more challenges than ever: budget cuts, staffing shortages, and oftentimes cultures focused on competition, politics and bottom-line driven process. But, John reminds us that: when individuals, corporate leaders and companies stay focused on their goal today and its impact on tomorrow – that is when companies, teams and individuals thrive. The bottom line follows.

Keynotes include

How One Attitude, One action, And One Person Can Change the World

Expected to die, John O’Leary now teaches others how to truly live.

John was a curious nine-year-old boy. Playing with fire and gasoline, he created a massive explosion in his garage and was burned on 100% of his body. Given less than 1% chance of survival, John is proof of the power of the human spirit. His unlikely recovery meant a journey of pain and loss that could have easily been insurmountable.

But his experience wasn’t his alone. What makes John’s life story and this keynote so engaging is the intimate involvement of many others. From a dedicated Hall of Fame sports announcer to a visionary burn nurse (and countless others), every individual involved in this 1987 fire and its aftermath teaches us this truth – one person can make a profound difference in the lives of others.

John will use his fire story as a backdrop to inspire you to see the abundant possibility within your professional and personal challenges.

With emotional storytelling and unexpected humor, John reminds audiences of the significance of daily attitudes, the power of personal choices, and the profound impact of actions. He reawakens each audience member to realize the gift of today and the possibility of tomorrow.

How to Ignite Your Radically Inspired Life

Why do some people attract success and joy, but others languish through failure and struggle? How are some companies surpassing sales goals, but others are unable to meet minimum expectations? Why are some teams able to embrace change and thrive in spite of it, but others fight against it and suffer because of it?

As a heavily-sought after speaker across multiple industries, John O’Leary masterfully teaches organizations why some fail and others succeed. Most importantly, he outlines specific techniques so individuals can utilize their current inflection points (every day moments which impact everything that comes after them) and transform challenges.

Whether your organization is striving to improve team engagement, employee accountability or change management: John has a solution for you.

John is a man who defied death. At nine years of age, John was burned on 100% of his body in a house fire. After five months in the hospital, dozens of surgeries and years in therapy, John survived. Far from being an example of someone who simply endured something horrific, John is a luminous example on thriving through adversity. He now teaches others how live intentionally, lead effectively and impact profoundly.

His authentic message empowers audiences to shift their perspective, quit making excuses and start living a radically inspired life.