Kevin Joyce

Host, Spokesperson, Keynote speaker, MC

For over 20 years, and for literally hundreds of organizations, Kevin Joyce has served as a Host, Spokesperson, Master of Ceremonies, speaker, and television personality. And has established himself as one of the most sought-after live event professionals in the country.

With each of these clients, Kevin helped establish the feel of the presentation, with a clear understanding of the audience, whether the general public, key donors, a sales team or valued clients. He understands the value of tailoring of the content and messaging for each audience to maximize impact. Delivered with a combination of humor, music, intelligence and insight, Kevin helps his clients achieve lasting results from events infused with meaning and value.

He also uses Liberating Structures®, improvisation, and Systems Thinking to co-design and custom-create meetings, retreats and leadership events for clients in business, non-profits, government organizations and communities.

Kevin has created and led programs at the United Nations General Assembly and the World Health Assembly in Geneva, US Navy Regional NW, as well as Wal-Mart, UW Medicine, Moss Adams, Microsoft, Group Health Physicians and many others. He’s also written, directed and hosted events for Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Costco, INTEL, PopCap Games, Big Fish Games, Tiffany, Mercedes Benz and Lexus.

As the Spokesperson for the Campaign for Swedish Hospital, he is the public face for Swedish Hospital’s $100MM goal. He has hosted conferences and meetings for Cloud Computing, Russell Investing, and scores of nonprofits.

Kevin holds degrees in Organizational Leadership and Comparative Religion, and focuses on improving communication, and cultivating the innate intelligence of individuals and groups.

Kevin brings a combination of skills and training to clients that make his services invaluable to the success of any project, and to the vitality of the process. Trained in Theater, Improvisation, and Organizational Leadership, Kevin is trusted by clients both on and off stage to deliver precise messaging, create hugely entertaining live events, and customize style, writing and content to suit the project.

Armed with research into the client’s world, incisive scripting, and comic improvisation, Kevin delivers a kind of hosting leadership that has been described as “really wonderful,” “perfectly attuned,” and “phenomenal….he nailed it.” His work has been seen at corporate meetings, industry conventions, awards shows, and non-profit galas in the US, Latin America and Europe.

Some events need tuxedos, carefully-scripted welcomes and introductions, and high-stakes messaging. In other contexts, you need high energy, levity, and a light-hearted take on weighty matters.

Kevin brings to these varied challenges years of experience as a writer, director and improvisational actor, with an understanding of which moments need to be completely dialed-in, and which will be served by humor and/or interactivity. As a business owner, Kevin also has a keen understanding of client relationships and business culture.


“The rapt audience felt valued, heard, and saw that they had a real role to play as leaders – everyone was involved, engaged and entertained-just what we wanted to accomplish.  We have received dozens of accolades and it’s clear this has both raised the bar for the way we do retreats and the way we communicate with one another.” Dr. David Flum, Assoc. Chief Medical Officer, UW Medicine 

His keynotes include:

The Communication Survival Guide with Professor Cooke (AKA Kevin Joyce)

Team Excellence & Emotional Intelligence for YOUR organization

In this hilarious, customized keynote and workshop, Kevin Joyce delivers a rollicking discourse on your organization’s culture, personality and its very real–and addressable–malfunctions.

Complete with original songs about, and stories from, your group, this interactive and entertaining event will address the authenticity, high performance, and success that your group can achieve. The stories, activities, and new levels of communication will inspire your team, and give them new tools to thrive in an increasingly stressful, adaptation-required world.

You will SEE your obstacles, LAUGH at them, and get OVER them. Promise.

Why do this? Because fear, poor communication and negativity wastes precious time and resources. Because you’ll receive tools to increase morale, productivity, and innovation. Because this will make you HARNESS YOUR VISION, and run with it!

Length: 30-60 min Keynote, plus interactive workshop of up to 3 hrs for up to 100

Requires: Pre-event interviews with 5-7 diverse members of your organization, including some access to leadership.

Kevin Joyce’s 30-year performance and training career has spanned three continents, with professional stints in the worlds of theater, corporate events & trainings, television, cabaret, and concert halls. Kevin has designed and facilitated meetings at the United Nations (NYC), the World Health Assembly (Geneva) among others…and has created and produced performance and entertainment for hundreds of organizations, from Fortune 50 companies to small non- profits, from city governments to private celebrations.

Case studies available upon request.

Based near Seattle