Lauren Pasqualone

Seriously Motivating & Seriously Fun!

Let Lauren enter”train” your audience as she delivers an unforgettable, hilarious, high-energy experience.

Motivational speaker and success coach Lauren Pasqualone has held a lot of titles over her 15-year corporate career with notable organizations like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Super Bowl, a National Historic Landmark and more. Yet, none of them were nearly as fun as her current roles of entrepreneur and enter”train”er.

Having coached and spoken to hundreds of individuals and organizations over the last several years, Lauren now travels the country empowering audiences to go for their goals, overcome their obstacles, and have fun along the way! She’s not just talking the talk, though; she’s walking the goal-getting walk and inviting you to join her on the journey.

So, what can you expect?

  • ENTER“TRAIN”MENT: Lauren loves working with meeting planners to create fun and funny custom presentations that include engagement-makers like parodies of hit songs, all-audience dance parties and even flash mobs, so your keynote won’t just leave your audience talking… it will leave them dancing with joy!
  • KEYNOTE KARAOKE: Your entire audience will join in a round or two of keynote karaoke to keep their energy high and their spirits higher throughout the presentation!
  • MOTIVATIONAL MATCHUPS: Say cheers to your crowd cheering for the audience members who are brought on stage to compete in games like GOALympics and Work/Life Balance Ball!

“Lauren’s presentation was very well received. Her delivery was spunky and fun, yet informative and truly helped us all break down our goals to make them achievable. I would definitely recommend Lauren!” Amanda Smith Rasnick, CMP

See Lauren in ACTION:

Programs—always customized—include:


The Simple Shift That Will Make You More Likely to Reach Your Goals… No Matter What!

In this thoroughly fun and thought-provoking keynote, Lauren will dare your audience to take the “In My Feelings Challenge” and find their fuel-fillment… a personalized definition of fulfillment that will keep them goaling no matter what life throws their way! They’ll walk away with a new approach to goal-getting that will prepare them to push through any obstacle, plus they’ll learn to take their goals seriously while still having serious fun!


  • learn how to shift from achievement-based goals to fulfillment-based goals
  • develop their own personal definition of fulfillment and goals that align with it
  • gain the tools and permission they need to pivot when everything goes haywire or a door (or two! or three!) slams closed
  • find out how to apply their fulfillment-based goals so they actually achieve more… under any circumstances!

2-TAKE YOUR WORLD BY STORM—The Keynote for a Cause

How to Overcome Obstacles and Keep Moving Forward… Even When Everything Blows!

During this entertaining and inspirational keynote, success coach Lauren Pasqualone shares the powerful lessons she learned from the heroes of her hometown after it was ravaged by a category five hurricane and cut off from the outside world. Whether attendees are facing a challenge or challenging themselves to new heights, they’ll be empowered to overcome their obstacles and take their life and careers by storm.


  • master a mindset that allows them to turn the obstacles they face into opportunities to succeed
  • gain three principles to apply when faced with challenges so they can overcome them and achieve their goals
  • learn to lead in a way that keeps motivation, morale and work ethic high

Lauren’s commitment to impacting lives extends beyond the stage. A portion of the proceeds from her Keynotes for a Cause benefit charities.