Liz Bohannon

Tap a beginner's mind to realize big goals

• Founder & CEO of Socially Conscious Brand Sseko Designs
• Author of Beginner’s Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose & Impact Now
• Forbes Top-20 Speaker
• Teaching Organizations How A Beginner’s Mind Breeds Success
• Guiding Audiences to Get Beyond Dreaming and Start Doing
• Building Socially Conscious Communities of Global Entrepreneurs

How can a beginner’s mind influence the successful outcome of any goal? The answer might may inspire you to create a new roadmap for your next challenge. Liz Bohannon, Founder and CEO of successful fashion brand Sseko Designs, shares the lessons learned from her 10-year journey growing her business from three women under a mango tree into a successful international fashion brand. A company that provides employment, educational opportunities, and entrepreneurial training to thousands of women across the globe. Her story is filled with lessons for success that are grounded in the principle of having a beginner’s mind.

Liz sums up those lessons in her new book, Beginner’s Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose and Impact Now. In it, as in her speeches, she shares uncommon ideas toward success like, Own Your Average, Stop Trying to Find Your Passion…Create It, and Dream Small. Liz continues to channel her inner beginner as she manages 100s of employees across multiple continents, and this mindset sets her apart as a more courageous, creative and effective leader. Audiences find humor and heart in Liz’s storytelling, as well as refreshing strategies that are a realistic roadmap to reaching goals.

5 Ways A Beginner’s Mind Helps Leaders and Teams Achieve the Most Challenging Goals

How often do we dismiss someone’s success by calling it “beginner’s luck?” What if the very fact that they were a beginner is just what gave them the advantage to succeed? What if there is a method to a beginner’s mind that creates success? What a beginner may lack in experience, track record, know-how, and connections, they make up for in nerve, curiosity, spirit, courage, and a willingness to acknowledge they don’t have it all figured out. Ultimately this can lead to an iterative approach to achieving success.

Liz takes audiences on a journey through her 10 years of experience building her company. She shares uncommon ideas toward success that come from a beginner’s mind like — Own Your Average, Stop Trying to Find Passion and Start Creating It, Stop Dreaming Big and Start Dreaming Small because then you become a doer not just a dreamer, and Be Good with Good Enough. Everything is iterative. So, get something out there and change it as needed. All of these principles go against the grain of lessons we learn as children, and yet Liz explains that once you can let go of the “…visions of grandeur of what it will look like when you finally strike gold and find your passion, only then can you get down to the business of learning how to build it.”

Liz will guide your audience to a new roadmap for success that focuses on the acts of doing instead of dreaming and ultimately attaining even the most challenging goals.

• Use the principles of a beginner’s mind to achieve any goal.
• Shake yourself out of analysis paralysis
• Get inspired to go beyond dreaming and start doing.
• Focus on creating your passion rather than waiting for it to find you.


Liz Bohannon is an amazing storyteller, communicates with passion, and shares wisdom that is applicable. Her talk was among the highest rated from our entire event and one of the most requested by our global community. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone more inspiring! – Lori Hermann, Executive Producer of the Global Leadership Summit 

“Inspired journey meets strategic thinking meets hilarious storytelling… Liz is the full package, and her accolades hardly prepared me for how amazing her art of presenting would be at Athena. We positioned Liz as the kick-off speaker for a two-day conference, and she set the tone with passion and inspiration immediately with an engaging, authentic story of how purpose is not found, but exists inside us. Our conference attendees have had nothing but glowing comments for her – it’s incredible to witness someone who can change the lives of so many in such a short period of time.” – Sara Close, The Athena Conference

“Liz Bohannon is truly a transformational leader. Her belief that each person was created for a purpose is evident in the way she leads, inspires and motivates others to build a life of passion and purpose. Her honesty, grit, and commitment to justice ignites others to create a positive impact in the world and be a part of something bigger than themselves.” – The John Maxwell Team

“Liz is known for her fun and dynamic speaking style and her personal stories about taking risks, building a brand with purpose and striving for gender equality and social enterprise at universities, conferences, and gatherings across the globe.”   – Brian Rashid, Forbes 

Liz Bohannon is one of the greatest communicators we have ever hosted at Plywood Presents. She has a gift of making every person feel like family, while teaching us something that changes the way we see the world forever. She is not only and incredible speaker, but she is a living and breathing example of the change we need in the world today.” Jeff Shinabarger, Founder of Plywood People


  • Global Leadership Summit
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  • The Athena Conference
  • Plywood People
  • John Maxwell Team Leadership Conference
  • Fair Trade Federation
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