Matt McFadyen

World Adventurer and Speaker

Record breaking polar adventurer, sailor and inspirational speaker Matt McFadyen takes audiences on powerful leadership adventures. Using the latest in interactive technology the audience make critical decisions during the unique and compelling journey.

Pushing towards the ends of the earth, Matt led his teams and leads the audience through the emotional highs and lows and to the extremes of human potential.

Matt has worked with diverse global organizations to engage, align and inspire leaders and their teams. He has delivered over 300 presentations on 4 continents and partnered with organizations across several industries.

An experienced sailor and polar adventurer Matt has led teams to the ends of the earth and developed his own unique leadership story.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Matt now resides in New York City.

An overview of Matt and his team’s multi-modal approach to delivering keynote programs:

More details:

Matt McFadyen grew up in suburban Sydney fascinated by the mysteries of life beyond the confines of his home and familiar surroundings.

Matt McFadyen ‘the adventurer’ was born when, at the tender age of 22 years, he set sail for Antarctica in the company of five like-minded adventurers. Taking a 43 ft yacht across the most dangerous ocean on earth was no easy task. Having to navigate fields of icebergs while beset by storms of mammoth intensity, Matt was forced to draw on every ounce of courage and perseverance he could muster as nature surely tested his resolve and that of his fellow adventurers.

The meticulous planning and preparatory work that had taken two years to complete paid off in 2004 when Matt and the crew reached Commonwealth Bay Antarctica. For four days the hardy adventurers explored the pristine wilderness that is Antarctica. A life changing experience for Matt.

On the return voyage Matt and the crew again experienced the raw force and power of nature. The small craft was pounded by a massive storm 550 nautical miles south of Tasmania. Waves of up to fifty feet high swept across the yacht knocking it over several times. he whole crew had to struggle for their lives as the waves continued to knock the boat over. This harrowing experience and the raw power of nature inspired and motivated Matt to further adventures.

He has since become the youngest Australian to ski to the North Pole unassisted, and only the second Australian to accomplish this amazing feat three times. In his second expedition, which he completed in April 2006, he had to negotiate one of the hardest Arctic seasons in years to reach the top of the world.

In 2008 Matt again returned to the North Pole as an expedition guide. With fellow guide Eric Philips and two others the team battled temperatures of minus 35 and incredibly difficult ice conditions throughout their entire expedition. In 2013 Matt embarked on his most ambitious expedition to date, Beyond the Circle was a three month journey across the infamous North West Passage. Matt and his one team mate successfully sailed, rowed and dragged their 17.5 foot boat across over 2000 mile of ice choked waterways.

 A keynote speaker and facilitator, Matt has worked with diverse global organizations to engage, align and inspire leaders and their teams. His stories are inspirational, relevant, and memorable. Using his unique personal leadership journey to the ends of the earth, Matt has delivered over 500 presentations on 4 continents and partnered with organizations across all industries.

 His customized, highly interactive keynotes include:

 Journey to Leadership: The Power of Partnership

In 5 short years Matt went from being a 22 year old novice adventurer to co leading his 3rd expedition to the North Pole & partnering with a fortune 500 organization on an 18 month firm wide engagement program. Join Matt as he delivers the insights into his Journey to leadership. Not only will the audience walk away engaged & inspired but they will gain valuable knowledge & tips to accelerate their own journeys to leadership.

Antarctica: Journey to the Ends of the Earth

As a 22 year old, Matt and 4 others set sail aboard a 43 ft yacht bound for Antarctica on a 54 day expedition across one of the deadliest and dangerous oceans on the planet. After a near fatal storm nearly a thousand miles from land, Matt’s and the team’s heroic fight for survival sparked a change in Matt’s life and the event became the foundation of his leadership journey.

North Pole: sitting still l means going backwards

Matt’s brush with death in the icy waters of the Great Southern Ocean ignited a passion to lead others to the ends of the earth. Eighteen months after returning from Antarctica, Matt became the youngest Australian to reach the North Pole, returning as an expedition co-leader on 2 more occasions. Surviving 45 degrees below zero to battling ice drifts that move the team backwards while dragging heavy sleds, Matt knows the perseverance needed to lead a team through challenge, change, and ambiguity.

A slice of feedback:

“I was thoroughly memorized by Matt’s subject matter, style & engagement with the audience. He is able to bring every one of the participants along with him as he experienced the triumphs and epic challenges of his journey. Adding interactive “what would you do” moments into the presentation creates an immersive experience and mandates full attention. Matt was able to skillfully leverage his story of leadership, courage, and perseverance to underscore our core meeting objectives through an entertaining and gripping presentation.” Marty Boyzuck, Hewlett Packard

Grounded, accessible, honest and real…and yet overwhelmingly impressive and charismatic. He left his mark on our team and will continue to do so for a very long time. We extended our comfort zone, and it was in large part to him!” Nicole Sparohott, Unilever

“Matt exceeded our expectations by engaging extremely well with the audience and integrating our key messaging into his delivery. Each session was delivered with the same enthusiasm and energy that earned him excellent ratings from all participants. The ability to interact and become an integral part of the journey or presentation was well-liked by the audience and differentiates Matt from many other more lecturing speakers I have encountered. The result? Energized and inspired teams taking the right messages from the workshop back into the office.” Kristina Czepl, Nestle