Nash Fung

Multiple award-winning magician

We all have great ideas and dreams we want to pursue, but we can get stuck thinking they seem impossible. And yet what if “impossible” is ultimately an illusion? Magician Nash Fung is deeply passionate about exposing such illusions, so we can fearlessly pursue our most important goals.

Nash Fung has spent decades creating and performing original, never-seen-before shows for regional and global audiences. Whether he’s showcasing his unique illusions on the Seattle gum wall, or appearing on Penn & Teller and other international television shows, Nash shows us that no idea is truly impossible.

From this exercise of transforming impossible magic idea into reality, Nash has discovered the rich knowledge and insights that magic teaches all of us to use beyond the stage. In his keynote performances, Nash helps attendees begin to learn to redefine, dream, and chase their impossible goals.

Nash has been awarded “Entertainer of the year” five times in three separate industries (corporate, wedding, and university events industries). Having performed for audiences from all walks of life, Nash naturally connects with everyone, and takes them on a learning journey filled with interactive magic, comedic stories, as well as meaningful and inspiring takeaways.

Check out his performances on the CW Network, on TV in the UK, at his hometown station at Seattle’s NBC affiliate, King5, or even a mega popular kids’ YouTube Channel.

Nash’s showcase reel:


Nash’s Keynote Performance:

Overcome the Illusion of “Impossible”
Learning the magic behind accomplishing exceptionally difficult goals

We sometimes have to “create the impossible,” whether we face a difficult task or want to realize a grand vision. Discover the techniques and approaches magicians use to create the “impossible,” so you can move past barriers and build on your successes.

Your attendees will learn:

~The #1 obstacle that holds us back from achieving our ambitions
~The benefits of setting goals without limits
~The “real” reason why we must fearlessly pursue our dreams

Successful magician and speaker Nash Fung will weave these teaching points with entertaining stories and interactive magic that keeps attendees engaged, laughing, and learning—and then going out into the world to realize their biggest dreams.

Watch Nash Fung in Action:

Corporate Magician Nash Fung Showreel from Corporate Magician Nash Fung on Vimeo.