Paul Huschilt

Map-cap re-cap for a massively memorable end to your event

Paul Huschilt is an award winning professional speaker and storyteller who motivates and inspires people to be the best that they can be. Organizations are increasingly looking for unique opportunities to help their employees face the challenges in today’s busy work environment. Paul uses comedy and ingenuity to incorporate your key messages and objectives into a fun-filled, humorous keynote that will speak directly to your audiences and their pivotal role in your ongoing success. Let Paul change your next conference into something people will be talking about for years to come.

Paul's work has taken him across the United States and Canada, as well as to the Netherlands, France, and Japan. Paul presents in English, French and occasionally Japanese.  The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers has asked Paul to present The Ultimate Ending for 5 national conventions. Before becoming a speaker, Paul sang in the Canadian Opera Company chorus in 1997 and 1998. Paul’s education and training includes:

• Master of Arts Management Degree from Carnegie Mellon University
• Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (Acting) from University of Windsor
• Career and Work Counsellor Diploma From George Brown College
• Certificate in Adult Education from St Francis Xavier University

His other ventures and adventures include, Butterfield and Robinson tour guide, Stratford Shakespearean Festival Development Associate, as well as numerous roles in community theatre productions. Paul is an avid cyclist and hiker who has walked the Camino de Santiago (798.5 km across Spain) and written a humorous book about his misadventures called, The Reluctant Pilgrim. [] In his earlier days, he produced, wrote, directed and acted in six touring educational theatre companies. At Pittsburgh’s Civic Light Opera, Paul was responsible for finding housing for stars including Debbie Reynolds, Donald O’Connor, Jean Stapleton, Barry Williams (Greg from The Brady Bunch). His spoofing career began at an early age when he would mimic his parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, neighbours, and neighbours’ pets. Paul is the second youngest in a family of 8 kids born in 8 years. In 1970, his physics professor father took a sabbatical and the whole family traveled throughout Europe in a Volkswagen camper. Paul is fluent in French and English, can carry on a conversation in German and Japanese, can buy shoes in Swedish, and order from a pilgrim menu in Spanish.

The Ultimate Ending
Imagine the impact of ending your conference with a comic wrap up that reinforces your key topics, messaging and theme. The Ultimate Ending is the perfect way to guarantee that your event concludes on a high note. Paul will attend your conference, take tons of notes and transform them into an on-the-spot comedic review of your event. Paul’s insightful and respectfully cheeky spin on events are funny and focused entirely on you and your company. He recaps your business content with hilarious comedy and some good-natured audience teasing. Not only will you laugh like crazy but you will leave reenergized and fully connected to the conference’s most important lessons. Each recap is created especially for you and your delegates and uses performance boosting techniques and laser sharp wit to ensure employees remain engaged in what they learned throughout the conference.
You can promote Paul’s unique comedy closing in your publicity materials, or send Paul in as a ‘Delegate-in-Disguise’. People will wonder who the note-taking man is and then fall off their seats laughing at his high energy and original review. If you want employees to remember your conference, celebrate their impact on your organization’s success and take away new strategies to apply to their work environment, Paul’s one-of-a kind blockbuster closings are a meeting planner’s dream come true.

“We have lost track of the number of attendees who commented that your presentation was the best part of the conference. Your portrayal was done in good humor, sensitive to boundaries and most importantly in a refined manner that everyone found amusing. Everyone laughed and left the conference with a feeling of levity and inspiration. Mission accomplished!”
          Karen Blanchard
          Financial Consultant, WAFC

Seven Humor Habits for Workplace Wellness

Do you find that stress gets in the way of your employees being and doing their best? Motivational humorist Paul Huschilt uses comedy and imagination to demonstrate comprehensive tactics that can be applied in any workplace environment. Participants will learn insightful strategies to focus on their business goals, stay balanced in a sometimes unbalanced world and adapt to changes within your organization. They’ll laugh and enjoy an eclectic mix of comedy, song and engaging activities through a high-energy presentation that reinforces your organization’s core values, while promoting personal and professional growth.  This keynote presentation is ideal for people who provide support to others and for those who have been facing stressful periods at work. Seven Humour Habits is an excellent way to say ‘thank you’ to your staff and show them that they are important to your organization. Employees who feel a sense of community and well being are more productive and committed to success. Statistics show that loss of productivity and absenteeism cost Canadian companies billions of dollars each year. Each presentation is personalized to reflect your own uniqueness and goals.
If you are questioning how to motivate your team towards greater productivity, Seven Humour Habits may be the perfect answer for you.

Master of Ceremonies

You’ve put countless hours into the planning of your special event, now it’s time to find the perfect host to guarantee its success. Enter Paul Huschilt, Master of Ceremonies and consummate professional. With comedy and theatrical techniques, Paul engages his audiences with a mix of prepared and impromptu segments to support your agenda, content and timelines. As Master of Ceremonies, Paul raises the level of your meeting through his unique brand of humour, inspirational insights and clever antics, all within the limits of your carefully prepared structure. This format is inter-dispersed throughout the conference and will draw on your attendee’s enthusiasm, commitment and sense of humour.  Paul will work with you and your organization to develop an effective balance of hosting, motivating and reflecting on your key messages and business objectives. Imagine how dynamic your days will be with a Master of Ceremonies who understands when it’s time to move things along, pause for an energizing and hilarious activity, or deliver an informative and fun re-play of what has been learned throughout the day. We know that staying on schedule, conducting presentations and keeping attendees focused can be a challenging endeavour. Let Paul Huschilt help you to make your next event stand out from all the rest and bring your people together with laughter!

Everybody Stay Calm

Has your organization experienced a great deal of change recently? Have resources been stretched to an unprecedented limit? If so, your employees may feel overwhelmed and not sure if they are able to perform at the standard needed to move your company forward. Studies have shown that we learn best when we use as many senses as possible and sometimes we just need to stop and look at things from a different perspective. Paul Huschilt has developed a program that uses laughter, interaction, personal reflection and creativity to encourage people to be well, work together and focus on being resilient.  Organizations are only as strong as their employees and their dedication to ongoing success. At a time when progress is moving at a rapid speed and companies are feeling the impact, a short, light-hearted break may be just what you need. Participants laugh and learn techniques to use at work to stay calm when things get harried. It’s a seriously funny alternative to high-content keynotes and encourages everyone to have fun while they learn simple day-to-day tactics to face their busy days.  Imagine what good it would do for your team to bond with a communal belly laugh. This keynote is a great way to release stress, build positive energy and show employees that you value their well being.

Mount Fuji – The Fool Climbs it Twice

Are you tired of those mountain climbing talks that leave you asking ‘why haven’t I climbed Mt. Everest yet?’ If so, you will love the forgiving qualities of this adventure keynote.

According to Japanese folklore, the wise man climbs Mt. Fuji once but the fool climbs it twice. Not that we are saying he’s a fool, but Paul did climb Mt. Fuji twice and has created a funny, inspiring keynote that encourages you and your participants to be their best.
 The Fool Climbs it Twice wakes up the sleeping hero within all of us and breathes new life into personal adventures at work and play. This keynote will inspire you to face life challenges with a new perspective and to go that extra mile with goal setting lessons on how to:

 • Begin Today
 • Expect Bends in the Road
 • Get over the Thunder
 • Stay on the Path
 • Enjoy the View
 • Never, never, never quit

Join Paul on this amusing trek that will encourage your audience to scale new heights as they summit their own personal Mt. Fuji.

A few of Paul’s Clients
Alliance Data
Enterprise Rent-a-Car
FedexFlight Centre, inc.
Genentech, USA
Hewitt Associates
Pilot Insurance
Proctor & Gamble
Volkswagen Group Canada, Inc.
Whirlpool Canada

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