Paul Krismer

Employee Engagement via Positive Psychology

Paul Krismer teaches the practical application of positive emotions to achieve corporate and personal excellence.

Paul is a noted public speaker and trainer. His authentic and passionate commitment to his subject matter shines through his work. Playful and captivating storytelling complements his intelligent and accessible presentation of the science of success. His teaching is powerful, authoritative, and convincing. At the same time, Paul is exceptionally practical, providing tools that audiences and entire workforces can immediately use.

Paul Krismer has a proven track record as an inspirational leader. For twenty years, he has served in senior management roles—overseeing hundreds of employees, multi-million dollar projects, and cheerfully growing future leaders. As a Certified Executive Coach, Paul is appreciated for his kind-hearted, yet relentless pursuit of the client’s best life. Helping people to reach greater happiness and success is his trademark promise.

Paul is the best-selling author of Whole Person Happiness: How to be Well in Body, Mind and Spirit. As a teacher of cutting-edge positive psychology, he is truly a “Happiness Expert”.

Paul is a proud member of the International Positive Psychology Association and the Global Speakers Federation.

See Paul in Action


 The Serious Business of Positive Emotions: Easy to Use, Scientifically Proven Tools to Achieve Personal and Professional Success


This talk is Paul’s most popular keynote and is suitable for any audience. In addition to being one of Paul’s most inspirational keynotes, this talk can be presented as a multi-hour, interactive workshop. The subject matter can be presented with an emphasis on leadership or safety, when appropriate.  Paul will always customize the content for the specific audience and industry.


Get a blast of personal and corporate well-being in this inspirational introduction to the science of positive psychology. Learn about the research results that prove happiness leads to greater success. Come away with simple, applicable skills that will fuel your personal happiness and create positive contagion amongst the people you influence.

The field of positive psychology research has massively expanded our understanding of human potential. Most of this discovery has happened in the last 15 years. We now know that happiness is not a lucky outcome resulting from a fortunate upbringing. Rather, happiness generally results from skills we can all learn.

If your company knows “what to do”, but too often falls short, you will discover new insights about how to powerfully engage employees and change corporate culture.

Content highlights

  • Scientifically connecting happiness with success
  • Neurophysiology: how the brain can be re-wired
  • Overcoming negativity bias
  • Gratitude and appreciative inquiry
  • Necessity of healthy social relationships

Leaders as Role Models—Stepping Beyond the Limitations of Management: How Leaders Can Win the Hearts and Minds of Staff and Customers


This talk is suitable for people with subordinate direct reports and opinion-leaders who have influence on corporate culture. It can be either a deeply thought-provoking keynote or a multi-hour interactive workshop.


Many leaders come to their roles as a function of their expertise in a specific subject matter, but leadership requires more than job-specific skills. Leadership is a way of being. This talk de-emphasizes what we individually know and instead asks us who we are.

Traditional employee engagement programs often buy the loyalty of employees’ bodies, but do not win their hearts and minds. In this workshop, learn direct interventions that change the way employees FEEL about their work and their workmates. Leverage positive psychology to bring creativity, productivity and joy into your workplace!

Men and women who influence the behaviour of staff can learn a mindset that shifts them from overseers of business processes to genuine leaders—seeing the big picture, articulating the direction, and embracing their team in a collaborative and committed mission.

Transformative organizational change occurs when bosses are visionary and lead with emotional intelligence and profound personal integrity.

Content highlights

  • Differentiating between leadership and supervisory tasks
  • Engaging Hollywood video content that inspires
  • A four-part leadership model for 21st Century leaders

3. Mindfulness Everywhere—The Secret Power for Life and Business Success


This talk is suitable for any audience and is the highest energy and least boring talk on mindfulness that you’ll ever hear. In addition to being an inspiring keynote, this talk can be presented as a multi-hour, interactive workshop.


Why the heck is everyone talking about mindfulness these days? Mindfulness is the most researched of all positive psychology interventions. And the evidence is overwhelming clear: mindfulness is as foundational to good mental health as nutrition and exercise are to physical health.

This presentation takes the mystery out of mindfulness and calls on participants to take their mental and emotional well-being seriously. Participants learn how the mind physically changes as a result of regular mindfulness practice. Theory is grounded in practical application during the talk.

With a foundation in science, taught with energy and humor, and served as a practical invitation, this presentation reveals what all the excitement is about. With over 30 years of personal experience in mindfulness practices, Paul provides a rich and convincing understanding of the massive impact of mindfulness.

Benefits of mindfulness

  • Improved emotional regulation
  • Increased resilience to stress
  • Faster mental processing
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • Greater focus
  • More cognitive flexibility
  • Boosted immune system
  • Reduced heart rate and lower blood pressure

#MeToo In a Man’s World—A Discussion Like None Other about Workplace Respect: How Everyone Benefits When Gender Issues Become Gender Advantages


This talk is suitable for any audience. The subject matter is presented with an emphasis on organization settings when appropriate. In addition to being one of Paul’s most original, progressive and inspirational speeches, this talk can be presented as a multi-hour, interactive workshop.


How do we talk about gender discrimination without the conversation being “heavy”, “awkward“, and “depressing”? How do we address issues of misogyny and violence against women without men reacting defensively.

This uplifting, funny presentation gets right at the heart of these issues while insightfully demonstrating that the path forward lifts everyone—men and women. Paul shows how gender stereotypes that limit women also limit men. Observing the real opportunities of 21st century industrial innovation, this conversation is about personal and corporate momentum. Organizations that can anticipate the new economy can also navigate the era of #MeToo.

Content highlights

  • Feminine characteristics that every team needs
  • How to combat the sociological conditioning that limits men’s expression
  • Revealing the most needed of future leadership qualities


As a regular event planner, I am always looking for fresh, exciting speakers. Paul was everything I could hope for: professional, polished, funny, and very informative. My audience loved him!

            Lisa Tate, The Institute of Families

Paul worked closely with our team and tailored the content to fit our unique needs. He easily engaged the audience with his energy and enthusiasm and I was amazed at how he made it all make sense with some practical skills to put into practice right away.

            Tammy Scott, Amica

The scientific basis was really important . . . and delivered in such a fun way! Great feedback from the audience! Great participation! Everything was just what I asked for.

            Linda Jones, The Project Management Institute

Paul’s presentation during our National Planning Session was excellent! We got phenomenal feedback from everybody we polled. His approach was very interactive. He got people up who typically wouldn’t participate. It was a powerful, clear, and very positive message.

            Jeff Smith, Investors Group

We had a lot of laughs. Paul’s energy is just electric. The way he presents allows information to really seep in and become memorable. We will be doing more work with him and highly recommend him to others!

            Melinda Morben, Timberwest

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