Ross Shafer

Emmy Award-Winning Comedian, Author, Speaker

Emmy Award-Winning Comedian, Author, Speaker, and named one of the Top 26 Speakers by Successful Meetings Magazine

"Finally a Motivational Speaker without the Speech! Ross Shafer is one of the funniest guys I know."

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Ross Shafer is a 6-Time Emmy® Award winning writer, comedian, and television host. He has hosted such network talk and game shows as The Late Show on FOX, The New Match Game on ABC, and Days End on ABC.

He wrote and produced the acclaimed comedy album Inside the First Family about the bizarre publicity surrounding the Clinton administration.

Ross has also written and produced 14 Human Resource training films on Customer Service, Employee Relations, Sales, and Motivation.

His books include Are you Relevant?, Nobody Moved Your Cheese! (How to Ignore the Experts and Trust Your Gut) Cook Like A Stud (38 recipes Men can Prepare in the Garage with their own Tools) and The Customer Shouts Back!™, is a result of 11 years of customer response research. Ross is now convinced the reason customer service hasn't improved is because we haven't tried to understand the customers' emotional state before, during, and after the transaction. Ross' newest book is Grab More Market Share (2011).

The LA Times writes: "Ross Shafer marries perfect humor with the take home message American business craves."

For 15 years, Ross Shafer has made more than 3,000 meeting planners look like heroes. He's clean, funny, relevant, and always in good taste. He can entertain a group from 50 to 15,000, and his after-dinner keynotes have garnered praise worldwide.

If you want to have fun motivating the troops, there is no better way than to have Ross tell his hilarious story of going from a small town pet store manager to Network TV talk show host…in less than seven years. As an Emmy Award-winning comedian, TV host, HR film Producer, and keynote favorite, Ross underscores the importance of passion, work ethics, and high performance standards in a way that inspires attendees to look beyond mediocre-for good! Ross encourages them to stop blaming others and start being accountable for their own success. Then, he outlines specifically how to do it, making it perfectly clear that Success is your Own Fault.

With the success of his book, "NOBODY MOVED YOUR CHEESE!" coupled with this ragingly popular keynotes, he's been called "America's Accountability Watchdog."

Ross' hilarious approach to self-motivation is a result of transforming himself from a miserable pet shop manager to a SIX-TIME Emmy Award-winning comedian and writer. He has hosted several network talk and game shows, including "THE LATE SHOW" on FOX, "DAYS END" on ABC, "THE NEW MATCH GAME" on ABC and "ALMOST LIVE" for NBC.

Ross' experience as a stand-out after-dinner entertainer, keynote speaker, and seminar leader includes such diverse clients as Microsoft, Apple, Toyota, Sprint, Nordstrom, Discovery Toys, Chevrolet, Boeing, and Blue Cross, to name a few.

He's been a concert headliner and frequent guest on EVENING AT THE IMPROV, THE "A" LIST, CAROLINAS COMEDY HOUR and COMIC STRIP LIVE.

Ross additionally collected over 35 Emmys during his four years with the Seattle hit comedy show, Almost Live!—six going to Ross himself for his work as actor and host, and an IRIS award for the "best entertainment series" in the country.

He's also written and produced 14 funny HR training films on customer service, sales, and motivation, which are distributed worldwide.

Behind the camera, Ross is frequently hired as a TV comedy consultant. In fact, he recently co-created a new Comedy Game show for the USA Network.

But he is most proud of his best-selling cookbook… COOK LIKE A STUD-38 Recipes Men Can Prepare in the Garage…Using Their Own Tools!.



This is the most important question that should keep your business up at night. They used to call it "Change" but that is too slow a word in this new global E-Driven economy. Because Ross speaks to over 100 organizations each year, he has a front row seat to both the best practices…and the worst. He sees who's failing and who's succeeding. The organizations who constantly respond to their relevance…and keep reinventing themselves…spend a lot less time worrying about the competition and more time counting their profits. You'll leave this session with the answers and directives you’ll need to stay relevant in your marketplace….today and tomorrow.


1. What if you've been in business 30 years? Does that matter?
2. Why is business "off?" and we can't seem to pinpoint it?
3. Case studies of organizations who lived in denial about a changing market.
4. Where do we start reinventing ourselves?
5. How to stay relevant to your customers
6. How to stay relevant to your employees
7. How to know if you're prepared for future changes?

Ross says, “Success is your own fault. We shouldn’t look outside ourselves for quick answers or easy motivational formulas.” This is a program about Accountability and taking Personal Responsibility for your own success. Ross was a small town pet store manager whose dream was to become a network talk show host like his idol, Johnny Carson. In less than 6 years of focused effort, his dream came true when he was named host of the Fox Late Show – where he competed head-to-head in the late night wars against Johnny Carson and David Letterman. In this program you’ll learn: 1) Why the world needs focused experts like you. 2) How to exploit your hidden talents. 3) How to tap into the enthusiasm of your coworkers. 4) How to get your customers to accelerate your career, for you. 5) How to Self-Motivate by example.

Part I

Ross says, “Ordinary customer service doesn’t work in a Post 911 economy. It’s Customer Empathy™ – the art of understanding the customer’s emotional state before, during, and after the transaction that will insure long term growth and loyalty.” After dissecting 1,000 random customer complaints in 2004 and 2005, Ross wrote the books, “The Customer Shouts Back!” and “Customer Empathy™” to depict how dramatically the customer’s expectations have changed in recent years. Ross discovered that the customer isn’t always right. But, they are always vulnerable. According to Ross, “Emotions drive every purchase transaction – not price or location.” In this program, you’ll learn exactly how to implement Customer Empathy™; as well as the Top Changes you need to make to win your customer’s long term loyalty. You’ll also see numerous examples of organizations that are experiencing record profits by using these principles.

Part II

This is a great follow up to Part I – Same point of view but with – New Stories – New Case Studies – More Inside Customer Psychology. Funny and plenty of audience Interaction.

The Masters Course

TV host, HR film Producer, and Keynote favorite, Ross has discovered very early that nobody ever made big things happen by following conventional wisdom. "Unconventional wisdom has NO competition," says Ross. Ross cites how he invented Bill Nye, The Science Guy…and won Esquire Magazine's "Dubious Achievement Award" as examples of swimming against the tide into a blue ocean of opportunity.


1. Take a skeptical look at who's telling you to avoid taking intellectual risks…and why?
2. Can the "market leaders" in your industry move as quickly as you can?
3. Being unconventional will have the press banging on your door in the middle of the night.
4. Unconventional wisdom prevents you from promoting your competition's brand.
5. Why YOU should be the president of your own fan club

Ross is available for a limited number of multi-day conference hosting duties. Because of his talk and game show experience, Ross is the perfect moderator for events that feature A-List Celebrity guests…or your top level executive panel discussions. Ross is comfortable asking the tough questions in a way that is disarming, funny, and insightful. He has led interviews and Q & A for such luminaries as Jack Welch, Senator Bob Dole, Queen Noor of Jordan, Rev. Al Sharpton, James Carville, Henry Winkler, Super Execs. Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan, Rap Mogul Russell Simmons, George Will, Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman…and dozens of others. You can trust your event will be on time, on target, and energized with Ross at the helm.

Topics include-and yet are not limited to:

  • Can You Actually Manage Change?
  • Good Customer Service Will Bankrupt You.
  • Price, Product, & Placement Cannot Compete With Relationships
  • Focus: Become An Expert And Never Worry About Your Job Again
  • "Branding" Simply Creates Cash
  • Goal Setting Is Stupid…Without A Plan
  • A Lack Of Advertising/Marketing Money Is No Excuse
  • Why Should We Worry About Our Competitors?
  • What's Happened To Your Culture, Lately?
  • The Fear Of Public Speaking Is Highly Overrated
  • Decision Making Made Easy
  • Who's Watching You
  • A Game Show…Starring Your Company

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