Second City

Invite famed comedy troupe to your company

Using improv comedy as a training medium delivers high-energy learning of communication, team building, and listening skills. All while everyone is deeply engaged and laughing out loud.

Drawing on The Second City’s 50-year legacy of connecting with audiences through powerful, incisive content, Second City Communications maintains 400+ engagements with Fortune 1000 clients each year in live event and meeting entertainment, training programs and marketing-content development.

Thousands of corporations and organizations have hired Second City Communications to bring fun and energy into their gatherings….because they deliver:

• Tailored improv workshops that train on listening, teaming, communication and more 
• Really great shows that leave people rolling in the aisles & buzzing for weeks
• The same award winning performers who have graced our stages
• Truly customized content. We don’t just “work your name” into canned bits
• Material that is clean and appropriate for all audiences
• Experienced casts and crews who make your job easy

Improv Workshop with Second City Troupe Members, tailored for your group, 1.5 – 3 hours in length

Improvisation is about more than just being funny. It’s based on key tenets of teamwork, thinking quickly on your feet, making confident decisions, innovating, listening to others and creating ideas collaboratively. All core skills vital to successful improv comedy are also important for success in business and life.

Second City’s traveling troupe takes the same fun, exciting and collaborative approach that they’ve used to teach improvisation at The Second City Training Center for the past 50 years and adapt it to your group.  During this engaging and interactive workshop, your group will participate in a number of lively entertaining exercises designed to be fun, meaningful and purposeful. They experience custom designed pre-workshop discussions and carefully chosen improv games based on the make-up of each group and your goals. 

Note that during the workshop, participants break out into pairs, trios and small groups for each exercise. Each group then reconvenes for discussions to "unpack" exercises and connect the skills to their day-to-day experiences. They move around and work with a range of people within their larger group.
Their starting point: 

•    Use the improv tool of  “yes, and” (affirm and build) to create positive and productive conversations
•    Establish supportive environments where collaboration, teamwork and creativity flourish
•    Learn to better resist the temptation to interrupt
•    Learn to listen to understand—not just to respond.
•    Establish more rapport and more effectively influence others
•    Get comfortable being uncomfortable with new concepts, experiences and ideas.
•    Have a great time!

Travel from: Chicago