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Leadership, Greatness, & Influence

"True leadership is not about calling yourself ‘leader'; rather, it's about taking up the cause to change things for the better. It is an extreme act rooted in love and motivated by a desire to create a better world-whether it's the world of your company, team, neighborhood or family." – Steve Farber

As the best-selling author of one of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time, an accomplished senior-level leadership consultant, and a frequent guest on news-talk shows around the country, Steve Farber has gained a reputation as a "leadership guru" in his own right.

Steve has worked with a wide variety of public and private organizations in virtually every arena, from the tech sector to financial services, manufacturing, health care, hospitality, entertainment, retail, government agencies and more, And whatever the audience, Steve's speeches are always deeply thought-provoking and eminently practical, as well as inspiring and entertaining-a combination of qualities that are a must for any successful conference or meeting.

Coaching and inspiring at all levels is Steve's passion, and he does so with a style that is part strategist, part social commentator, part comedian, and all energy.

As former Vice President and "Official Mouthpiece" of the Tom Peters Company, he has educated and inspired thousands of people throughout the world in the areas of leadership, service quality, reinvention, and teamwork.

His first book, The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership, is a recipient of Fast Company magazine's Readers' Choice Award and was named one of Portfolio's 100 Best Business Books of all Time. His blog was named HR World's Top 100 Management and Leadership Blogs.

Steve's second book, The Radical Edge: Stoke Your Business, Amp Your Life, and Change the World, was hailed by best-selling author Jason Jennings as "the best book you'll read this year."

His most recent book, Greater Than Yourself, is about how your TRUE measure of greatness as a leader is to develop leaders who are greater than you.

Steve is also a contributor to the anthology, Leading Authorities on Business: Winning Strategies From the Greatest Minds in Business Today, and is the author of the audio series, Extreme Leadership: In Pursuit of the O.S.M.

A subject-matter expert in business leadership and a frequent guest on news-talk shows around the country, Steve is a senior-level leadership coach and consultant who has conducted hundreds of engagements with thousands of business people in a wide variety of organizations including Sun Microsystems, The Discovery Channel, Clorox, Abbott Laboratories, Eddie Bauer, Intel, Kraft Foods, Verizon, The American Medical Association, The General Services Administration, The Council for Excellence in Government, Wells Fargo, Walt Disney Imagineering, and many others.

Farber joined the Tom Peters Company in 1994 as their first full-time staff consultant. He quickly became their most requested consultant and speaker and was given the title of Vice President and Official Mouthpiece (that's what it said on his business card). Steve left TPC in November of 2000 to establish his own practice, and in June of 2001-in recognition of his contributions to the culture, growth and intellectual capital of the firm-he was honored with the designation of Tom Peters Company Fellow.

Steve Farber's Speech Topics

> Greater than Yourself:  3 Steps to Attaining the New Gold Standard of Leadership

(Ideal audience: current, next generation, and high potential managers and leaders at all organizational levels)

"Greater Than Yourself is a terrific – no, wonderful – idea…Steve Farber is an original thinker-writer, and a boffo public speechifier." Tom Peters, World-renown Management Guru

The truly great leaders in life and work become so by causing others to be greater than themselves. In this program-based on his new book, Greater Than Yourself-Steve shows that dedicating yourself to bringing others along so that they can achieve more than you is the ultimate way to boost talent, ramp productivity and create truly significant current and future leaders. You will be challenged to aspire to the new gold standard in leadership with a powerful, three-step method:

> Expand Yourself – you'll discover tools to deepen and expand your personal capabilities-the raw material for true leadership.

> Give Yourself – you'll learn the art of ‘philanthropizing' your leadership approach-the raw material for developing capacity in others.

> Replicate Yourself – you'll experience the power of expanding beyond your personal, one-to-one influence-the raw material for changing your organization for the better.

Leading Radical Service:  The Extreme Leader's Guide to Blowing Your Customer's Minds

(For Officer, Senior Executive, Manager and/or Individual Contributor level).

We all know that customer satisfaction is no longer enough. But creating a consistently mind-blowing WOW! Experience for your customers demands imagination, empathy and creativity from every employee in your company.  What are you doing about it?  Steve offers four qualities that you, as an Extreme Leader, must demonstrate to create customer-obsessed business people at every level of your organization: Passion, Obsession, Creation and Exhilaration.  Drawing on provocative business cases and research, Steve will take you beyond the conventional customer service wisdom and into the realm of customer love.

"At first this [approach] may seem counterintuitive, but I encourage you to set aside your pre-conceived notions of success and accomplishment and throw yourself whole-heartedly into the Greater Than Yourself endeavor." – Patrick Lencioni, bestselling author, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

The Radical LEAP: Extreme Leadership at Work and Beyond

(Primarily for Officer, Senior Executive and Manager level).

In this chaotic and extreme age, business leaders must demonstrate an unprecedented level of passion, determination, foresight, dedication and fearlessness.  People won't follow empty rhetoric, but they will respond to significant, meaningful and dramatic action.  As an Extreme Leader, you need the ability to influence, the power to transform and the courage to change the world of your company, your customers and your industry.  In The Radical Leap, Steve shows you how to use the LEAP framework-Love, Energy, Audacity and Proof-to do just that-and radically improve your organization and your life.

The Vision Paradox: The Extreme Leader's Guide to Seeing in the Dark

(Primarily for Officer, Senior Executive and Manager level). 

Psychiatrist and author, Dr. Carl Hammerschlag, said, "A visionary is the one who learns to see in the dark, not the one who describes it."  Just when a business vision is the hardest to create, that's when people need it most.  How do you build and communicate a picture of tomorrow when you're trying to make it through the chaos and commitments of today?  Drawing on several cases and proven practices, Steve will help you to create and articulate a vision of your piece of the organization.  You'll learn practical strategies to build commitment and inspire action in yourself and in others.

Radical Accountability:  Making the Leap From Individual Contributor to Extreme Leader

(For Individual Contributors or Organization-Wide participation).

Whatever the challenge at your company-improving customer service, coping with change, inspiring transformation, improving corporate culture, recruiting and retaining great talent, building teamwork, fostering innovation-it all comes down to this: someone has to do something significant and enlist others to help.  Someone, in other words, has to take accountability.  Someone has to lead.  And it doesn't have to be the boss.  Leadership, ultimately, has nothing to do with the title on your business card or your position on the organizational chart.  It's about who you are and what you do to change things for the better-regardless of your "place" in the company.  In Radical Accountability, Steve will show you four strategies for being the architect of transformation from any position or level in the company.

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