Tanmeet Sethi, M.D.

Watch Dr. Tanmeet Sethi’s TEDx talk, on the two words that can change your life

Tanmeet Sethi, M.D. is an integrative physician, teacher, writer and mother. She is passionate about Real Medicine, not the kind that comes out of a bottle but the kind that comes from caring for ourselves through Real Food and Real Mind Body Medicine. She has dedicated her career to teaching physicians and patients these ideals. She also speaks on how to sustain yourself and thrive through change. Her focus here in part delves into the neuroscience and brain chemistry behind what it takes to make successful change in kicking habits.

Tanmeet is a faculty physician in Seattle where she has focused her career on the care of vulnerable populations. There she founded and directs the Integrative Medicine Fellowship and Integrative Medicine curriculum for resident physicians. Her practice there has an approach that incorporates many areas of health and healing, including mind body medicine, nutrition, botanical medicine, Ayurveda and functional medicine. She completed a fellowship at the renowned Program for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona under the supervision of Andrew Weil, MD and formal Ayurvedic training in an affiliate program of Bastyr University.

She serves as faculty for the Center for Mind Body Medicine in Washington, DC and Assistant Professor at the University of Washington Medical School. She teaches locally and nationally on Integrative Medicine topics such as nutrition and mind body medicine. She also runs her own nonprofit, Zubin’s Wish, to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
Her speaking topics include (and are not limited to):

•    Gratitude as a tool for healing (the focus of the TEDx talk)

•    Making change: how to sustain and thrive through change (delves into the neuroscience and brain chemistry behind what it takes to make successful change in kicking habits)

•    Why making change in your life is an act of self-love and how to do it successfully

•    Tools for managing suffering: a primer on living with joy