Lt. Col. (Ret.) Rob “Waldo” Waldman, CSP, CPAE

Decorated Fighter Pilot. New York Times Bestselling Author. Hall of Fame Speaker


  • You want a leadership expert who can call on life experiences to show the value of committing to excellence, adapting to change, and building collaborative, high performing teams.
  • Your audience needs an interactive, high-energy speaker who can bridge the gap between the highly competitive world of the fighter pilot and the challenges of business.
  • Real world sales experience, MBA, New York Times & Wall Street Journal best-selling author, member of the Speaker Hall of Fame.

Known as “The Wingman,” Lt Col Waldo Waldman, MBA, CSP, CPAE, is a highly decorated combat fighter pilot with 65 missions in Iraq and Serbia.  A business consultant and executive coach, he helps organizations build collaborative cultures of trust, courage and commitment in highly competitive, rapidly changing business environments.

In addition to his time in the military, Waldo has real world corporate sales and management experience and is an expert on change management, peak performance, and resilience – having broken through a lifelong fear of heights and overcoming claustrophobia as a fighter pilot.

A key message in his inspirational “Never Fly Solo” signature keynote is that you can’t reach your highest potential alone. You need wingmen – trusted partners – to help you win when adversity strikes. His compelling stories and techniques on overcoming obstacles, performing under pressure, earning trust, and servant-based leadership are extremely relevant to diverse organizations who seek to create a “One Team, One Mission” performance-focused culture of trust and collaboration.

 “We Survive Solo but Win Together.” Waldo

Waldo is the author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Never Fly Solo and an inductee into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, a prestigious award that has been bestowed on less than 190 speakers worldwide.  A graduate of the U.S Air Force Academy, he also holds an MBA with a focus on Organizational Behavior and is the founder of The Wingman Foundation whose mission is to build funds and awareness for veterans in need.

He’s been featured on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Inc. Magazine, and The Harvard Business Review, and his global clients include American Express, Hewlett Packard, Verizon, GE, The Denver Broncos, New York Life, ExxonMobil, Merck, Johnson & Johnson and dozens of national associations.

See Waldo in action:

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Waldo:

  • Attention to detail and a sense of urgency. We get things done quickly and believe planning and preparation are fundamental to mission success.
  • Easy to work with! You have enough going on with your meeting than to worry about follow-up and tracking down information. We are your planning wingmen.
  • Customized, relevant content. We don’t fly by the seat of our pants.  We research your company, conduct a pre-mission call, gather on-site intel, and make sure the messaging is pertinent to your audience.
  • Exciting visuals, music, video and audience interaction. These dynamic elements keep the program fun, engaging, and reinforces learning outcomes.
  • Outcomes you can trust. Hall of Fame Speaker (CPAE – 1 of ~190 worldwide), Certified Speaking Professional (CSP – only 7% of speakers are certified), MBA, over 13 years of platform experience, and hundreds of clients and referrals. Waldo’s content is not only based on his experience as a retired Lt Col and fighter pilot, but also in real world sales.
  • High energy, real world, authentic – Waldos’ programs are heartfelt and challenge audiences to step outside of their comfort zone and break performance barriers.


His most popular keynote:

Never Fly Solo!®
The Power of Partnership to Reach New Heights in Business and Life

Flying solo in the business Jet stage? You might think so. But take a good look around. You have support staff, co-workers and managers. You have suppliers, vendors, and distributors. And you have colleagues, family and significant others.  In today’s super-charged, highly competitive world of rapid and constant change, those who build trust and work as a team will dodge the missiles of business and win.

By committing yourself to excellence and placing trust in others, you can overcome obstacles, adapt to change, and break performance barriers during adverse times. By placing trust in your wingmen and women and by being a wingman or wing woman for your clients, partners and co-workers, there is no

Clients include: Hewlett-Packard, Oppenheimer, Juniper Networks, Verizon, Home Depot, Siemens, Allstate, Honeywell, Aflac, Novartis, Deloitte, Kiewit, MassMutual, UPS, Safeco, SWATCH, Marriott, Gallo Wines, Panasonic, New York Life Insurance, Lockheed Martin, Outback Steakhouse, Duke Univ. Hospital, Alabama Power, Federated Dep’t Stores, Encore Health, Leslie’s Pools, Healthcare Financial Management Assoc (HFMA), the National Association of Retail Marketing Services (NARMS), Associated Builders and Contractors, and dozens of national associations

Feedback slice:

“Waldo has a great ability to translate his military experience into key sales and leadership principles that can apply to each of us. His story lines around teamwork, trust, preparation, and execution really resonated with our organization. We’ll continue to ‘Push it up!’ here at HP!”     Chris Ogburn, Director – HP Personal Systems Group

“Waldo, your program resulted in a record breaking week for my team! Thank you for investing in the AFLAC process and dedicating yourself to learning our business.”  Randy Bartlein, State Sales Coordinator – AFLAC

“Waldo’s presentation was inspirational and packed full of relevant business takeaways. His content was heartfelt and the audience never drifted. He didn’t just talk about being a wingman, he showed it.” Jeff Duckwork, Exec VP of Sales – John Hancock Funds

“Your “One Team, One Mission” philosophy of trusting your wingmen and becoming Mission-Ready totally aligned with our teamwork goal.”    Tim Kryzanowski, VP Sales – Phillips Medical Systems

“[Waldo] shattered any stereotype of an egocentric fighter pilot our audience may have had. Our franchisees met a personable guy, willing to share the peaks and valleys of his life.”    Mike Bidwell, COO – The Dwyer Group Franchise Mgmt Company

Based in Atlanta GA