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See how corporations and nonprofits nationwide stage more engaging, productive events with support from No More Boring Meetings

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“Doubled the value …”

With their all-day off-site teambuilding meeting less than a week out, a group within Microsoft sought a closing keynote speaker to ‘wrap up’ the day’s activities-to summarize the essence of how the teams could best move forward, given the day’s exercises. Allotted just 20 minutes to close, No More Boring Meetings speaker Jim Sorensen provided a pointed, tailored, and humorous speech. The lead manager’s response: “Jim’s program doubled the value of the entire day.”

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Concur Technologies

A Stellar Custom Keynote

For over 6 years, Concur Technologies—the innovative, award-winning travel, expense and invoice solutions company—has relied upon No More Boring Meetings to uncover and book speakers and entertainers to headline two of their most important annual events. The annual client event in particular requires a headliner who generates buzz, gets people out of bed on a Friday morning after an evening party[!], offers pertinent content, and does so affordably. Each time, the stakes are higher to “outdo” the previous years with energy, relevance and memorability.

One year is especially memorable. Knowing its brand values so well, No More Boring Meetings recommended Astronaut Chris Hadfield. His custom keynote–including his germane references to Concur’s #PerfectTrip initiative and its relationship to space travel–hit on all cylinders. Rockstar-status speaker. Humorous, relevant content. A literally global level of experience as Commander of the International Space Station. And a willingness to close with his “trademark” rendition of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, sung live from stage.

Col. Hadfield received an instant standing ovation from this multi-national audience, and then stayed til everyone who wanted a book left with a signed copy.

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When global IT-solutions provider Zones gathers together its most important business partners, they need a compelling, high-level, actionable message from a thought leader who will both captivate and educate them. In line with their sports theme, No More Boring Meetings recommended 3-time Super Bowl champion, 5-time Pro Bowl selection, and longtime ESPN NFL analyst Darren Woodson.

The result? “Darren Woodson had a great message to share with our executive partners. He was perfect, and he was polished. It was a message that has seeped so much into the fiber of our team that our executives continue referring to Darren’s fundamentals long after the event.”

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Assn. of School Business Officials Int’l

“…these efforts guarantee powerful event experiences for our attendees and smooth sailing for our staff.”

ASBO Int’l hosts two annual conferences for its global membership. Challenges include finding keynote speakers who appeal to a diverse audience, are deeply engaging, and offer practical takeaways. If the education and content don’t resonate, members may disengage and leave the association. That’s why ASBO Int’l relies on No More Boring Meetings to ensure these meetings are headlined by relevant presenters who involve the audience in what matters to them. The results?

“For over 6 years and counting, ASBO International has counted on speakers’ bureau and audience-engagement company No More Boring Meetings, to provide distinguished talent for our largest meetings. We rely on Andrea Driessen to save us time and free us from the guesswork, frustration, and headache of scouring the speaker cosmos. Andrea secures speakers and business experts best suited to our audiences, and does it within budget. A trusted advisor who knows our audiences so well, Andrea also ensures that all our presenters’ messages align with our most important meeting goals and participants’ objectives, so our investments in presenters are amplified. Collectively, these efforts guarantee powerful event experiences for our attendees and smooth sailing for our staff.” – Dr. Arlene Olkin, Director of Leadership Development, Association of School Business Officials International

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CHI Franciscan Health

“His energy rocked our audience….”

Nearly every organization today is undergoing massive levels of change. Those in healthcare experience particularly high levels of upheaval, given the current heights of healthcare innovation, changes to health records, shifts in insurance payments, and rising employee expectations. Add to that hospital mergers and leadership attrition.

A large healthcare system in the Puget Sound, facing such unheard of change and a near doubling of staff in just a year, was planning its largest managers’ meeting to date. They knew they needed to give attendees immediately useful tools for navigating change, build cohesion among the newly created team of managers across the organization, as well as deliver a message of positivity and inspiration so everyone could return to work re-energized and more resilient. How do you tell people that such high levels of change were not going to change—yet keep them focused on the literal life-and-death nature of their work?

Further, the organization knew that the seriousness of their mission and of the meeting content had to be balanced with some humor. As they say, a little sugar makes the medicine go down. Especially in healthcare! After all, when we laugh, we’re more open to learning and we lowering our defenses to new ways of thinking and doing.   (Click here to learn why humor is such a powerful antidote to stress and a catalyst to learning.)

Strategizing with No More Boring Meetings, the team chose two outside speakers to complement their internal programming: Dr. John Izzo, a best-selling author and speaker on change resiliency, and Bill Stainton, an internationally known expert on leadership and the musical band, the Beatles.

To ensure all the meeting messaging—from internal organizational speakers as well as from John and Bill—was tailored, on target and cohesive, No More Boring Meetings scheduled a “message continuity conference call” with the organizational leadership and the speakers. Doing so ensured each presenter could amplify the other’s content so the audience heard a unified, consistent message. Ta da: increased retention, impact and memorability long after they returned to work.

After the event, they reported:

“John Izzo was a home run, sharing how to thrive and be resilient in an uncertain and constantly changing environment. With a mixture of entertainment, motivation, and important information, he connected with our team in a way that was inspiring and encouraging. John artfully wove evidence-based tools to succeed with change into messages of hope and inspiration.”

Individual comments included “John really helped put things in perspective and emphasized that we need to balance life and take care of ourselves.” And “I liked the way John presented how we are all resilient if we choose to be.”

About Bill, an executive wrote: “When Bill Stainton speaks to your team, you are guaranteed a top-rated, excellent serving that will energize, mesmerize, and recharge. Bill engages with meaningful, useful, and fun tools and tactics to gracefully and confidently work with and manage continuous change. Bill’s knowledge of the Beatles evolution and revolution translates elegantly to any work place. Bill captured the minds, hearts and attention of more than 500 managers….Bill eloquently wove our rapid growth and associated challenges and changes into his delivery….His energy rocked our audience….and he called on every manager to ‘Carry That Weight’ to embrace change.’ …Managers have been saying, ‘Best retreat ever.’ And ‘This is exactly what I needed.’ “

Apprentice Tank Logo

Apprentice Tank

“It was a huge success …”

Love watching “Shark Tank“? Drawn to “The Apprentice“? Despise boring meetings? Then you’re a natural for Apprentice Tank.

A fresh meeting format designed by meetings expert Brian Walter, Apprentice Tank combines the concepts and energy of The Apprentice and Shark Tank TV shows, while staying within the legal parameters of parody.

How it works: Organizations identify a business problem to solve, or throw down a new product challenge. A real problem, not a possible scenario, because the power of Apprentice Tank is in the game’s very serious purpose: the winning team’s idea is actually funded.

Participants roll up their sleeves to create something new and relevant. Your audience’s natural competitive instincts are ignited. Leaders appear in their very best light because their strategic reasoning gets the spotlight. Teams are engaged in focused competition and relevant problem-solving. As the game taps well-known pop-cultural references from television, your company enjoys a reality show about … your reality!

We recently staged this segment for a retail client. In short, the segment went swimmingly. Reporting back, the Vice President of Operations wrote: “Scheduled at the end of a long, multiple-day meeting with a room full of tired field leaders, our customized ‘Apprentice Tank’ exercise from Brian Walter raised the energy levels right back up … It was a huge success …”

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Engineered Wood Association

“It takes a team. Thanks, No More Boring Meetings, for being on ours.”

“[Astronaut Mike Mullane] was energetic, dynamic, funny and completely relevant for this audience. I heard nothing but positive feedback. And what a genuinely nice person he is! He was generous with his time in both sessions and afterward. I heard people say they thought this was our best annual meeting yet. In fact, I was standing with our president when one of the members said he wasn’t sure how we were going to tie the space theme with our industry message, but we completely delivered on it. With all successful ventures like this, it takes a team. Thanks, No More Boring Meetings, for being on ours.” Market Communications Director, Engineered Wood Assn.

CHI Franciscan Logo

CHI Franciscan Health

“one of our best retreats ever.”

CHI Franciscan Health periodically brings its leaders together to build on strategy and boost team cohesion. In the midst of massive changes within the U.S. healthcare system-and by extension, the organization itself-an all-day retreat set high expectations. That’s why No More Boring Meetings recommended transformational change expert Dr. John Izzo to present to and work closely with the CHI Franciscan executive team. One executive observed:

“Within 20 minutes, Dr. John Izzo had our executive team engaged and riveted, so much so that we didn’t see anyone checking their phones or iPads. John masterfully talked with (not at!) our group in ways that built buy in and cohesion. He used fresh ways to engage our team, keeping their attention throughout the day. To say that our team was transformed in how they interact and move forward into our future is not an exaggeration. It was one of our best retreats ever.”

Starbucks Logo


“The comments we received from our participants since the performance have been outstanding.”

For Starbucks’ first-ever Store Development Leadership Conference, among their goals was to enhance the emotional connection between Partners [employees] and the coffee company, further humanize their executives…as well as visually and viscerally illustrate the ideas of connection, partnership, and the customer experience. Part of their strategy, from No More Boring Meetings, included customized infotainment from Brian Walter, such as the Fact or Crap game show, along with a thigh-slapping-and on-message-movie parody video.

Afterwards, the meeting manager wrote: “Our conference here at Starbucks went great…thanks in part to the efforts from Brian Walter. Your team truly understands how to take our business content and add the appropriate level of entertainment…to bring the content to life for the audience. The “Fact or Crap” game was an incredible hit, and the “Show me the Store Count” video parody was awesome! These easy to execute skits really helped to show off the personal side of our executives. The comments we received from our participants since the performance have been outstanding. Thanks again. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Boeing Logo

The Boeing Company

John Keister really nailed it with his style of humor and local jokes about the city and the company.”

To celebrate the completion of a critical 10-year project, The Boeing Company prepared to honor their people and their accomplishments with a retrospective video and dinner banquet. They selected iconic Northwest comedian John Keister to hold tongue-in-cheek interviews with top executives involved on the project, using his one-of-a-kind humor.

Later, during the banquet itself, John performed for the entire team, serving up a customized program about aerospace, the Pacific Northwest, and the lives and times of Boeing. One of the meeting planners reported:

“I cannot tell you how many wonderful comments we have received regarding Johns’ performance. With all the changes recently in the Boeing Company and the challenges in daily life, John brought a team of folks together to share an evening of warmth and laughter.” Another planner said “John was fantastic. There was a super reception of his comedy, and he really nailed it with his style of humor and local jokes about the city and the company.”


Washington Assn. of School Business Officials

Like so many member-based associations, the Washington Assn. of School Business Officials is challenged with attracting and retaining younger members while keeping professional development offerings relevant across all generations.

In 2017, annual conference committee members choosing a headlining keynote speaker faced a familiar dilemma: to invite a more mainstream, “stand-and-deliver” speaker on leadership…or someone with fresh content and a more interactive, high-energy delivery style.

They ultimately decided to take a chance on inviting Galen Emanuele, a team culture expert, improvisational artist, and a Millennial himself.

Then this happened: People raved. Galen earned a standing ovation. And the 2017 convention is now rated as among WASBO’s best ever. According to Laura Blacklock, director of professional development, “The energy in the room was palpable. Galen’s dynamism shifted the energy upwards, and it stayed that way for the rest of the conference. He blew the house apart.”

And in an open-ended survey question, “What was your favorite part of the conference?” 28% said it was Galen Emanuele.

Attendee comments included: “Loved this! Great topic and completely applicable.” “Great energy and a different focus to start off the conference.” “He was fantastic!” “Loved his talk. I have told many people about it and the lesson behind what he did.” “He was amazing!  Really enjoyed!” “I was a little apprehensive at first but totally got his presentation and what it represented, even in the workplace.  Thank you WASBO!!” “Best interactive keynote ever!” “I loved how he engaged the audience in his exercise.” “I liked how Galen was engaging!  Didn’t put me to sleep!!!” “Was way outside my comfort zone to participate in this, but I suppose that was the point.”


YWCA of Seattle

“thorough, professional and solutions-oriented …”

Seattle’s YWCA has set the bar for impactful, results-driven fundraisers headlined by some of the world’s best female speakers. In 2010, they tapped No More Boring Meetings to secure best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, for the Bellevue, WA luncheon. This luncheon raised more funds than any in the YWCA’s history. Their meeting planner later wrote:

Andrea Driessen listened to my needs, asked the right questions, and provided recommendations that were beyond my every expectation. She was thorough, professional and solutions-oriented, opened my eyes to new possibilities and gave me the support and tools to excel. Andrea is a shining example of excellence, and sets the bar for professional expertise and integrity within her field.”

Oregon Dental Logo

Oregon Dental Assn.

“perfect opening to our most successful conference to date …”

Oregon Dental Assn. was celebrating its 50-year anniversary and chose the theme “Reaching New Heights.” To reinforce this tagline, they aptly booked Jim Whittaker, the first American to Summit Mt. Everest, to present the opening keynote.

Afterwards, they wrote: “…Jim’s presentation about being the first American to reach the summit of Mount Everest was the perfect opening to our most successful conference to date. With the ease of a seasoned speaker, Jim spoke to the crowd in a way that made you feel like he was talking to a room of good friends. His humorous manner and laid back-personality made for a delightful start to the morning….Jim Whittaker’s presentation is an awe-inspiring story of a life lived to its fullest. If the time presents itself again, we look forward to working with him.”

IC Funding Logo

IC Funding

“our best-ever event”

A Toronto-based financial corporation sought inspiration and practical time management tools for its owners’ meeting. They also wished to capture and create some Olympic-level buzz as the Winter Olympics in Whistler was scheduled soon afterwards.

A tall order? Not if you’re Vince Poscente, Winter Olympian and best-selling author of the time-management resource “The Age of Speed.” After their event, one of the business partners wrote Vince a personal note of thanks:

“Vince, Thank you very much for joining us at our symposium this week.  We had many, very positive comments regarding your presentation; the way you were able to incorporate personal and industry events into your presentation and through the use of personal, compassionate stories, combined with your unique sense of humour, contributed to what we have determined to be our best-ever event. Again, thank you for your contribution to our success.”


United Federal Credit Union

“a true business partner …”

United Federal Credit Union needed to motivate and inspire staff, stage a high-energy, collective training day and give everyone-from front line tellers to leadership-the tools to work smarter, not harder. Enter speaker, master juggler, acrobat and author Dan Thurmon. After the half-day training, they said,

“Everyone without exception was just thrilled by Dan Thurmon’s program. So much of what he said was exactly what we needed to hear. Dan really hit the mark, and it could not have been better! How will we ever top it?”

They added: “Andrea Driessen (of No More Boring Meetings) is a consummate professional with a keen eye for detail and a clear understanding of our big picture-a true business partner. She goes above and beyond to make the experience enjoyable and worry-free.” –Mike Nicholas, SPHR



“You delivered with gusto …”

In holding its annual Town Meeting series, WSECU chose speakers from No More Boring Meetings to entertain their members. Afterwards, they shared the following feedback:

Bill Stainton is the epitome of what you look for in a speaker…Not only does he deliver an amazing keynote…but the time and effort he devotes before he even hits the stage are inspiring. I found Bill extremely easy to work with and nothing less than professional… and highly recommend Bill for any speaking engagement.” Project Manager, WSECU

“If you ever need to engage and captivate a large audience, look no further than Paul Huschilt. Young or old, corporate or more personal, Paul can entertain them all. What separates Paul from everyone else is that Paul not only entertains, but he also drives home the message or theme you wish to make and does so in a way that’s not only engaging, but also informative … Paul is a consummate professional … and I will definitely keep him on my short list of speakers to use in the future.” Project Manager, WSECU

“…I want to single out John Curley as the perfect choice to engage and entertain…Amid sober conversation about the challenges of the modern mortgage market, Mr. Curley added the perfect amount of levity while discussing themes of considerable gravity. He shared touching yet hilarious stories on the topic of “recognition” and why it matters….His speech resonated with the audience on a personal level and connected to WSECU-a member-owned business….It was a job very well done.”

UTA Logo

Used Truck Assn.

“… an instant standing ovation from the 272 people in attendance …”

“…You [Dan Thurmon] started your connection with the audience by having everyone clap, and then you re-entered the stage with a back flip and from that point on you had the audience attention for the rest of the hour. Later you had volunteers from the audience assist you and even taught one person how to juggle–amazing!”

“…You used juggling as a metaphor for dealing with all the challenges we face in life and how we must keep our eyes on the ball and not on our hands to succeed, “we must keep looking up…”

…Normally at the conclusion of a speaker’s presentation, a small group may stand and clap in appreciation, then gradually the rest of the audience may stand as an ovation, but your response was an instant standing ovation from the 272 people in attendance–the whole room stood up instantly. I have heard many keynote presentations at various conventions over the years but never have I seen an immediate standing ovation. This shows the impact of your words as well as the relationship you made with each person in just 1 ½ hours.

An acquaintance of mine works for a major corporation came to me after your presentation and was so inspired by your comments he asked me how to get in touch with you as he believed ‘Dan Thurmon’ was exactly what his company needed to get their company’s motivation back on track….”

Eddie Bauer Logo

Eddie Bauer

“Going to “EXTREMES” to convey “Different””

This large retail clothing chain, in planning its largest management conference to date, realized they needed to “go to Extremes” to perform at an entirely new level in the coming Holiday buying season, and ensure their people heard the messaging and content they needed to succeed.

They turned to two “Extremes:” Brian Walter, creator of Extreme Meetings, and Steve Farber, “Extreme Leadership” author and speaker.

After the event, Eddie Bauer’s CEO commented:

“Working with Brian Walter helped us to conceptualize and deliver a fresh, exciting, and memorable event that communicated our important business strategies in a manner full of energy and unique humor. Brian’s contribution on the planning end of the event was as important as the talent he and his team contributed to the success of the event itself.

We look forward to future opportunities to leverage this new resource and appreciate the significant contributions to the success of our conference.”

And in describing the impact of Steve Farber’s message, he said: “Steve Farber…really energized the audience to think about everything that is familiar-in a very different way.

Steve worked with us in advance to understand our company’s unique challenges such that he could weave them into his keynote message. The message itself was simple; yet presented in a way that was engaging, and most importantly, real vs. theory-oriented. Steve’s message of Extreme Leadership was full of energy. His unique talent to tell compelling stories with concrete lessons and real-world application made the time particularly well spent.”

Since this conference, Eddie Bauer relied on us repeatedly to continue advancing their EXTREME, on-message conferences and sales strategies.

Intermec Logo

Intermec Technology

“… a keen sense of listening to the true issues …”

Known globally for its RFID and barcode technology, Intermec holds an annual multi-day sales conference to inform and inspire their sales force and partners. To amplify the extent to which their people acquire both the knowledge and the inspiration to thoroughly reach their growth targets, Intermec brought in Extreme Meetings.

Faced with the challenge of communicating to a worldwide audience, the Team developed and performed a set of carefully customized infotainment-entertainment about their messaging.

The feedback:

Even before the conference finished, the COO said, “I’m afraid we have a problem. I hope you enjoy working with us. You’ve done such a good job, you’re stuck with us as a client for life!”

True to their word, following the initial sales conference, Intermec booked The Extreme Team for two additional conferences, one for their employees and another for customers. They added:

“It is with utmost pleasure that I take the time to thank you for an amazing performance by you and your team…As you know, humor is very difficult to do with a large international audience. Not only was your humor acceptable to the entire audience base, the music and added relevant humor that reinforced the messaging built a better than expected energy in the room that bled into the entire conference program. Here are some of the actual comments we received:

Emcee/entertainment were first rate, polished, and understood product themes quite well.

Emcee and entertainment MADE this show one of the best I have attended. They kept it moving and entertaining all the while delivering the corporate message. It was worth the investment!!

All the entertainment was excellent and the lyrics composed especially for the conference were very clever, and showed a good study of our business by Extreme Meetings

Premera Logo

Premera Blue Cross

“Highest [evaluation] I recall at Premera …”

When the Premera Blue Cross leadership team gathered to discuss year-to-date progress, they sought a speaker who could motivate, build even more accountability into the culture, tie his or her message to company goals and the bottom line, as well as ensure continuity of message among all the day’s speakers. Certainly a tall order.

Premera selected No More Boring Meetings speaker Tom Flick, and following Tom’s closing keynote, CEO Gubby Barlow wrote, “Thanks again for your fabulous presentation. All who attended found your talk inspirational. Overall, the evaluation is the highest I recall at Premera (in almost 7 years!).”

Two other attendees reported: “Tom Flick was terrific. Best P&O I’ve attended” and “…Good balance between information, Q&A and a speaker who really internalized our message and our metrics.”fthe feed

Lakeside School Logo

Lakeside School

“… one of the most inspiring speakers we have invited …”

Seattle’s Lakeside School holds an annual lecture series for which they invite a speaker on topics related to the environment, technology, and economics. In 2011, they choose iconic mountain climber Ed Viesturs, after which Lakeside’s Head of School commented: “I found him to be one of the most inspiring speakers we have invited. He has actually done something rather than just talking about what others are doing. And, I loved his message of set a goal, be persistent, patient, and try to keep your ego in check.”