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Brian Walter is an Extreme Emcee. For over 20 years, he’s specialized in turning boring meetings into exciting experiences. A wide range of organizations have trusted Brian with their most important events. Past clients include Starbucks, Microsoft, Verizon, Wells Fargo, Genentech, UMass Memorial Health Care, the American Payroll Association, a regional office of the IRS, and even the Dairy Farmers of Washington.

Sometimes you simply want something different. Something your audiences have never seen before. Brian and his team have done parodies from the Rocky Horror Picture Show to The Hunger Games. They’ve appeared onstage as superheroes and zombies. Parodied iconic pop stars. Created games shows with outlandish trivia. And even flown executives over the audience. If you’ve ever wondered “Would it be possible to…” the answer from Extreme Meetings is “absolutely!”

Audiences don’t want to choose between information and entertainment. They want both. With Extreme Meetings® infotainment no two events are ever the same. Each one is completely customized for you. Brian conducts enormous up-front research. This allows him to craft original and timely content that features your people, products, goals, challenges and triumphs. Your meeting becomes an Extreme Meeting.

Just like professional football and baseball, Country Music and Rock ‘n Roll, the National Speakers Association has their own Hall of Fame. And in 2013, Brian Walter was inducted. Watch this video and discover why a Hall of Fame speaker could make a huge difference for your next event.



As an Extreme Emcee for over 20 years, Brian’s been using his proven, engaging onstage personality to turn boring meetings into exciting experiences. What event organizers need most from an emcee is someone the audience likes and trusts to maximize the transitions. It’s the emcee who REALLY establishes the conference theme by:
• Choosing language that aligns with the desired messaging
• Creating micro links to leaders’ remarks and speakers’ content
• Using every chance to ad lib a connection back to the theme

A key contribution of an Extreme Emcee is to transform audience members from recipients to participants. Instead of just sitting there, passively listening to presentations, they actively contribute content. The #1-way Brian makes this happen is audience polling. Polling is an information game show where everyone plays. Brian delivers this in three different ways:
• Polling with smartphones
• Polling with physical remotes
• Polling with flags

As an Extreme Emcee; Brian is the master of 5-, 10- and 15-minute time slots. He delivers humorous and engaging routines from audience interaction to game shows. It’s all seamlessly interspersed with core meeting content. And during the most challenging agenda “zones” (late morning, right after lunch, end of day) Brian acts as an audience defibrillator. He brings their engagement back to life!

Leaders and audience members often have great insights. The tricky part is getting that out of their heads in an interesting way during a meeting. As an Extreme Emcee Brian utilizes proven unique communication formats to do precisely that. He provides formats like Fluffy-Fluffy-Deep questions, Speed Interviewing, and Hot Table Topics. And if a potentially boring panel is on the agenda, Brian can transform it into an Extreme Panel.

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