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29 Nov

Top 21 Strategies for Successful Hybrid Meetings

Attending the uber-fabulous EventCampVancouver in person earlier this month—itself a well-executed hybrid meeting—I learned a great deal about hybrid meeting best practices. Hybrid business meetings, once an occasional event, have indeed gone mainstream. Whether you’ve staged them, attended them, or simply wondered and worried (!) about them, the following tips—taken from the EventCampVancouver experience—will likely boost your success as a planner and attendee. After all, as a fellow camper in Vancouver rightly said, “Hybrid is a toy if it’s not a part of well-honed strategy.” [A working definition: hybrid meetings are simply events at which audiences meet live (in-person) WHILE other attendees tune in virtually.] STRUCTURE and FORMAT: 1.      Among EventCamp attendees who’ve executed hybrids, no one indicated that their hybrid meeting sabotaged attendance from their “regular” meeting registration numbers.  Contrary to what some believe, hybrid meetings are inherently ADDITIVE to your current audience base and ability to stage more viable events in the future. And, take note:  confident organizations take the risk of staging hybrids so more voices are heard. 2.      You can boost the potency of a previously real-time-only event by adding hybrid components. 3.      If, for whatever reason, you’re not ready to hold a hybrid meeting, start…