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19 Jul

3 Proven Event Theme-Keynote Combos To Boost Buzz & Message Alignment

The right meeting theme combined with the right keynote address will: • Build a solid foundation on which to shape all aspects of your meeting, including venue, décor, breakouts, and gifts • Help participants become more engaged and retain more information • Create more effective, memorable and outcome-driven meeting experiences Check out these three proven meeting theme-keynote combinations that build relevant, strategic meeting content. 1. “All Systems Go.” Related themes: “Blast Off,” “Reach,” and “Stratospheric,” “Failure is Not an Option.” Whether your organization is about to launch a new set of initiatives…you’re starting a new sales program…or you’re on the cusp of the next fiscal year….a superb meeting theme is “All Systems Go,” or similar. To reinforce this theme with fresh, exciting programming, choose a speaker who’s truly been to that “last frontier”…an astronaut…someone who knows how to reach that critical “all systems go” level of achievement. Astronaut-speakers whose content and credentials directly align with the theme: Mike Mullane, among the first group of US Space Shuttle astronauts, and now, a high content and humorous speaker/author with a program entitled “Countdown to Teamwork.” Sally Ride, the first American woman in space Jim Lovell, Captain of Apollo 13, who with his…