Bore to ROAR Tool Kit


“Andrea’s creativity and access to fresh, dynamic speakers inspired us to integrate new ideas into our programs, which has increased engagement within our Club and raised the bar on our weekly meetings.”

-Lisa Mayfield, VP of Programs, Seattle 4 Rotary

From Bore to Roar - Your Meeting Engagement Tool Kit

Are you paying attention? Are your meeting attendees?!

When you fully capture meeting goers’ attention, they’re more focused, more able to learn, more likely to collaborate, and more able to solve pressing challenges.

Chances are, your meetings feel old and tired because your agenda is old and tired. To gain people’s buy in and brains, you must host meetings that are carefully designed to do just that.

So whether you plan conferences, sales events, association meetings, or fundraisers, we’ll create for you a Tool Kit of strategies to transform your event.

Designed for your meeting and your budget, your custom Kit contains practical, easy-to-implement ideas to take your meeting from Bore to ROAR ™ [to achieve “Return On Attendee Relevance”]:

  • Recommendations to boost attendance, meeting flow, effectiveness, and engagement
  • Fresh, interactive formats based on your audience composition, demographics, and goals
  • Reader-directed promotional copy to boost registration and cooperation
  • Crucial questions to ask before you even book your event space so you gain the results you really want
  • Specific ways to integrate stories to increase memorability and flow
  • Distinct tools for recognizing teams and individuals
  • Strategies for networking and collaboration
  • Insider access to top speaking talent, and insights for maximizing all your speakers’ programs

What’s your attendees’ attention worth?

The Engagement Tool Kit is just the ticket to the meeting everyone’s been waiting for.

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