Virtual Event Experiences

Save time, money and guesswork on producing your virtual events

Virtual Event Experiences

How To Hire + Inspire your Virtual Speakers

Best practices for virtual meetings

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The Non-Obvious Guide to Event Planning (For Kick-Ass Gatherings that Inspire People), winner of three publishing awards, by Andrea Driessen

The Non-Obvious Guide to Virtual Meetings and Remote Work, with contributions on virtual event production and speaker curation by Andrea Driessen

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Top ten reasons to team with us

Why Go Virtual with No More Boring Meetings?

  • Save time, money and guesswork—and trust that every speaker you book through No More Boring Meetings will shine online
  • Save more time with a masterful logistics manager who supports your event planning after you book—and it’s included in the speaker’s fee.
  • With our top-tier meeting format development approach, we’ll take you well beyond Q&A, platform-based polling, and word clouds, so attendees become participants in custom experiences unique to your industry and goals.
  • Partner with us to distinguish your event from all the others, drive more registration, and create happier audiences who join you for future events.
  • Save more time, money and guesswork with our proven pre- and post-event engagement tools. Chief Boredom Buster Andrea Driessen is the multi-award-winning expert you need on your team
  • Your event design is only as good as the pre-event questions you ask to build it. Use our powerful content map approach to produce the experiences your participants crave.
  • Your virtual host is integral to your success. We’ll fast track that search so you curate the perfect moderator.
  • Based on your event goals, we can even help you choose the right format: Webinar? Virtual Meeting? Live Stream? Hybrid? VR Show?

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Advantages of virtual events:

  • Access to an entire world of speakers, as geographical limits disappear. Contact us for a custom proposal
  • Greater speaker availability. Inquire about your event date
  • Money saved on hotels, meals, travel, room rental and many of the “normal” costs associated event production
  • Content focused on the most critical learnings participants need NOW
  • Ability to serve a much larger audience than with face-to-face events
  • A more intimate experience when we work together to design your agenda

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