How To Hire + Inspire your Virtual Speakers

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How To Hire + Inspire your Virtual Speakers

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The Non-Obvious Guide to Virtual Meetings and Remote Work, with contributions on virtual event production and speaker curation by Andrea Driessen

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Whether speakers are in person or virtual, they must project authenticity, trustworthiness and confidence. But these qualities are often more difficult to convey when a live audience isn’t present.

The reciprocal energy, eye contact, enthusiasm, modulation and feedback that are normally elicited from a live audience in a room are lacking in virtual events. That’s why online presenters need to proceed differently.

So, as you select speakers, prepare accordingly first only considering and booking prospective virtual speakers who have demo videos that showcase their experience online. If they don’t have virtual footage, look elsewhere.

Then as you prepare your presenters, be sure they:

  1. Break the fourth wall. The best speakers build relationships with each individual by looking right into the camera. Unlike humans in a live audience, a camera doesn’t give feedback. So, speakers must create connections with people they can’t see.
  2. Use top-quality headsets, mics, computers and lighting, so they’re optimally seen and heard.
  3. Stand while presenting to improve projection, enunciation and confidence.
  4. Speak with a wide vocal range and greater inflection than they might normally. Monotone is a buzzkill online, where attention spans are extremely low to begin with.
  5. Replace boring data dumping and switch up the spoken word with music, Q&A, quizzes, relevant stories, polling and fast-paced clicks through elegant, easy-to-read slides.
  6. Participate in a pre-event training session(s) and a rehearsal using all intended technology. Include a thorough equipment check in the same way you would if your event were in person. Collectively, these steps will reduce any speakers’ fears about delivery, and your fears about the ultimate quality of the virtual presentation.
  7. Augment and amplify your keynote lineup with a trained moderator who monitors the chat and keeps everything running smoothly and on time. Ask us for recommendations.
  8. Add a technical producer who’s at the ready to fix any glitches, so speakers can focus on…speaking!

The outcome? An unforgettable experience that ensures audiences learn and remember more in less time.

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