What’s the BIG Idea??


Within moments of beginning TED Active in Whistler BC, I began what will ultimately be a full week of learning and generating provocative new ideas, and novel ways to help you generate more OF them at your meetings and FOR your meetings.

To wit: this enormous outdoor sculpture, just dedicated two nights ago above the Vancouver Convention Centre, where TED will take place. Beyond serving as a thing of beauty, “Unnnumbered Sparks” (the idea for which was conceived at a previous TED event) allows anyone to affect it by logging into the sculpture’s wireless network and contributing to the art form with their designs. It also represents the capacity for an idea to change as more people add to it. Very TED-like in and of itself.

Without installing a massive art piece (!), there are endless ways to help your meeting participants foster more and better ideas through the way you design your events. Just a few:

  • Simply giving people a large wall on which they can share their input over the course of a meeting goes a long way. Be sure to bring them back to the office with you and begin implementing the best.
  • Stage a game through which the best idea of the conference is awarded a prize. I’ve designed a format for this I call The Currency of Great Ideas. You can read about it and other idea-rich game ideas in a previous blog post:
  • Start an online Wiki where sharing and posting ideas can last well beyond when attendees head back to work.
  • Integrate a custom session of Apprentice Tank—a massively powerful and fun element.